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  1. Thanks to Mnh for delivering my stuff safe, theres not a dent or a scratch on anything, the amoura is a beast (in its own sense, it isnt the leaning tower of exotica or something ) but the pull on it is amazing. My razan and mnh jet bowl are sexual as well, not to mention the tangiers tobacco omg sooooo tasty but im sure you all know that by now. Caramel Frappucino freebie and a base protector, that fantasia was awesome, bloody tasty. Everything is great and not a dent or scratch, thanks mnh.
  2. The glass screen in use, I really dont get what you do since it only has one hole >_>
  3. Seanij

    Mnh Jet Glass Hookah!

    haha mines coming in either saturday or monday as well sixpack.. jet glass hookah... i am so buying that.
  4. Seanij

    Mnh Jet Bowls - Sex!

    Pics or they're fakes and smoke like shit.
  5. yay for snorkle mask, im not the only one who does that.
  6. Like Mechy said Pics or it smokes like shit
  7. Seanij

    Mnh Jet Bowls - Sex!

    Dude that is sick.
  8. Seanij

    Storing Af Shisha

    tupper wareeeeeeee
  9. Seanij

    Mnh Jet Bowls - Sex!

    how does a screen work with only one hole T_T
  10. Seanij

    I Need Codes.

    Its called time zones, it may not be 6:30 over there. And I get pissed at 6am if I feel like it. Theres no set time for getting wankered.
  11. If we never see you again, we know why.
  12. QUOTE (Firm Young Carrot @ Aug 10 2007, 01:38 PM) iIve smoken on my trips round the middle east etc for a while but never took any notice of what was in the bowl. Only had a bad experience at a fishermans cafe in Doha. So I haven't filled in the polls as I've only tried a couple of brands since I got my own pipe. Nakla is good in a 'pint of bitter' way, as JD said, old school. I had a smoke of fakher in a shisha bar in Brussels (the owner got it from a friend who flew in from Dubai) and it blew me away. Strawberry that I could still taste the next day. Since then I've been importing it but never got the same strengh of flavour though, I need to practice more I guess. Im sorry but I have to ask, do you brush your teeth? Tangiers got my first choice and i only tried blueberry, nakhla came second.
  13. Seanij

    Speak_in_vowels Is Leaving!?

    Bye :[ Good luck on quitting ciggies, and make sure you stay away from people smoking a ciggy when you quit, or you smell it and say god damnit gimme one. Best of luck to you, i'm sure HF will miss you too.