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  1. seefoodlover

    I'm Back Mothaf*#@$

    What stores carry around here are Starbuzz, Al Fakher, and Fantasia. That's pretty much it. My local smoke shops (Smoke City) stopped carrying Tangiers, which made me sad.
  2. what!? Makes me sad :'(
  3. Listen, Bill Maher did the best, and put it simply like this. "It's not the the food that's bad, they just don't like the server" (obama = server). Since Obama has been in office, he has kind of been rather [i]republicanish.[/i] The NRA freaked and spread fearmail and propaganda saying Obama WILL take away our guns. When in fact, as it turns out, more Pro-Gun laws have been passed under the Obama administration more than any other. As a result, the firearms industry has boomed in this country. When Obama first took office, stores couldn't keep ammo on the shelves. As for Universal Healthcare, he would pretty much address and meet almost all concessions that Republicans wanted to see in the bill, and he did so. In the 90's Bush came up with a health mandate, that Republicans supported, because it was a good idea... until Obama decided to take off with the idea, too. I'm a little drunk writing this, so I'm doing my best to keep my thoughts together. There are countless other things that Obama has done that is not really Liberal like of him. In fact, I know many Democratic friends, and even my Aunt on Capitol hill says a lot of her Liberal Colleagues are upset with him because he isn't doing enough, being more of a Republican than a Democrat, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Those seem to be dirty words in this country now. Rebublican and Democrat. More on this later when I am sober.
  4. seefoodlover

    Gay Or Bi Hookah Smokers?

    Well, interesting direction of post here... I'm gay, coming in on a year here with my boyfriend. We live together in Florida
  5. [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1328805996' post='538396'] [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1328797812' post='538372'] [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1328742338' post='538287'] We have no Constitution left. Politicians of [i]every[/i] stripe have slowy, but surely, destroyed it. [/quote] Spoken as only someone who has watched it happen can. Nothing personal but most of you have NO idea what the longer term effect has been of government on our civil rights and the constitution. I'm not as old as gramps but i have seen it slowing creeping in myself and its scary. I think this thread should perhaps stick to yay or nay for her topic or people should move on without comment. [/quote] Mmmm, I don't know about the yay or nay part Mush. I actually like conversations that move and evolve. It brings a different dynamic if everyone is willing to exchange thoughts, and often you start thinking of an issue in a different way because of that dynamic. I for one am interested in how everything from government, to religion, to personal hang-ups impact the issue. So if I have any say-so at all, I'm not offended if we twist the thread here and there, so long as none of us, including me, completely[size=5] jack it off into left field.[/size] 'Rani [/quote] Funny you should say that My BF and I have But I was very happy with that decision myself. Curious to see how long it takes for Florida to make a big push. One thing is for sure, it [i]ain't[/i] happening as long as Rick Scott is in for office (thank god there is no way in hell he will be reelected a second term). Maybe when things settle down in my life, I'll organize the push myself. Here in Jacksonville, City Council is about to decide on our Anti-Discrimination laws. Going to a meeting for it tomorrow at 2. On another note... Did you notice pastor Terry Jones hanging an effigy of President Obama on his property? This is a sad read. [url="http://digitaljournal.com/article/326330"]http://digitaljournal.com/article/326330[/url]
  6. seefoodlover

    Hello, My Name Is Chris And I'm A Geek...

    I wear Skagen and Movado. Skagen is absolutely the most class you can get in a watch for a bargain. Gold plated steel goes for about $100, and people notice. Bought mine for about $75 in Denmark (where they are made) and absolutely love it. [url="http://www.skagen.com/?gclid=CMDgicfk2LACFQrf4Aodbi1b0w"]http://www.skagen.com/?gclid=CMDgicfk2LACFQrf4Aodbi1b0w[/url]
  7. I used to work in Sushi cafe, the owner met me at the bar I worked at, he was catering sushi. I told him I would be in for lunch sometime because the food was exceptional. Well, ended up quitting because he was crazy, but, it was quite hirarious. There was this Chinese girl from NYC who worked there, and one night a customer spilled a drink all over the place and she yelled at me, "Quick! Get a tower! Get da tower!!" And I was like, what the fuck is a tower, what are you talking about? And then she said, "A tower! A rag!" Ohhhhhhhhhh, a TOWELLL!!! Made me ROR!
  8. I didn't realize til the end of the video that he was referring to "Steel Knives" when he said "stool." LOL.
  9. seefoodlover

    "zombie" Attack In Miami

    [color=#333333]A Homeless man in Texas allowed to keep $77k he found- Yay! Boy, some homeless find a small fortune, some get their face eaten, its a real crapshoot.[/color]
  10. Listen, Smoking a pack of cigarettes over the course of a night at a bar leaves you kind of fighting for air, not to mention if you had already smoked a pack during your long, busy, productive day before hand. That is 40 cigarettes, and I'm already starting to choke. Definately think that cigarettes are plenty worse than hookah. It's a totally different type of smoking though. But trying to differentiate... It's kind of like asking which is more dangerous, a Polar bear or a Grizzly bear. Well, they are both bears, so they are both relatively dangerous, only polar bears are white and fluffy
  11. Well what I did get from it, is that that is in fact "a magic knife." lol. It's like at first your like, British. And then you realize... not quite...
  12. Quite hirarious! [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FntD3KgIaY&feature=player_embedded"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FntD3KgIaY&feature=player_embedded[/url]
  13. seefoodlover

    Few Questions About Fantasia

    I do like fantasia. The Million Dollar flavor and Orange Sherbert are my favrorite (I'm a sucker for orange. I drink Hairy Navels so a lot of time I mix orange and peach and it's delish!) Million Dollar Flavor tastes like a handful of Mike & Ikes to me. In a normal egyptian i usually use 2 coconaras and have no problem at all. Just keep them on opposite sides of the bowl and hanging on the edge, you'll get huge clouds and great flavor. Even huger clouds with a Tang funnel, but a little bit tricky to work with... In an Egyptian bowl, pack it light. Used to have trouble with it until I got a package that had "instructions" in it. It reccomended to fill a little bit lower than the rim, and this did in fact do the trick. For me at least. In an Egyptian bowl, this shisha will create a mess, so be prepared to give your hookah a bath
  14. seefoodlover

    Got My Hookah!

    Fantasia is very good imo, but it requires tweaking. Kind of finicky. I used to get enormous clouds using my Small Tang, but it's trial and error.
  15. seefoodlover

    I'm Back Mothaf*#@$

    So I go into one of my local smokeshops today, and they have a SHIT TON of Nakhla, 50% off, because they said it was an "off brand shisha that nobody buys." So I was like JACKPOT! Bought a 250g of Mizo peach for $5. Because I lied, and I told them it was still above market price even after the 50% cut. And so they gave it to me. Bought Some layalina grape for $1, and a about 5 Nakhla Mint and grapes. All in all, i bought about a kilo worth of tobacco for $25. So proud of myself. Smoking the Mizo peach now. I can see myself running out of this fast... Great flavor.