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    Homemade Protable Hookah

    My Opinion is... WILL THAT DEATH TRAP NOT CATCH FIRE WITH THE HEAT FROM THE BOWL??? and you could inhale nasty plasticy smoke fumes. :|
  2. Please note : you need to be both practical and slightly tech savvy in order to make this! Disclaimer : I take no responsibility for you wasting your money on electronic parts then f@*k%$g up this project. I also take no responsibility for you making shoddy work resulting in your hookah losing balance and toppling over I was looking at those fancy hookahs from meduse designs when i came across another product of theirs, the chameleon lamp!! Its basically a LED lamp that sits under the glass hookah base, and lights it up, either with regular light, or even light effects that pulse to the music your listening to!!! I thought this would be a radical idea.... it would be so cool to have light flashing to the beat of the music i was listening to, pulsating through the hookah smoke... This is actually a Work in progress... I figured it would be easier to update as i go along, as opposed to hurrying it all up. Blue LEDS that pulse to music, respond extremely well to bass and trebble in music, so i opted to go for only blue LEDS. You can use any colour you want! you can even mix it up, and use different colours!! Here is a list of the tools I used, you may be able to get away with using less: -Scroll Saw -Drill Press -Bench top belt and disc sander -Drill -Countersink Bit -Various Drill Bits -Soldering Iron -Phillips Screwdriver Bit This is a list of materials that you need for it! -Scrap Plexiglass (1/4 inch thick) should be slightly larger in area than the base of your hookah vase. -Scrap wood plank (1 1/2inches or thicker) Slightly larger in are than the base of your hookah vase -2 round PCBS -9ultraviolet LEDs -9 resistors -Power Supply : 6V (old nokia charger or 4 AA batteries in a bracket) -NPN Transistor -LM340 voltage regulator -Solder -4 Black drywall screws now... to start off - a circuit diagram showing where everything goes! [attachment=1569:FR0UE1XF...J.MEDIUM.jpg] first thing to get done, is to cut the wood and the plexiglass to size. The wood first: use the scroll saw to cut out a circle, around 2cm greater than the diameter of your hookah base. After doing this, use a pair of compasses to cut out an inner cirlcle, forming a ring, roughly an inch thick. Next step is to drill 3 holes into the side of the disc, prefferably all on the same side, next to one another. Please note that mine is made out of composite not wood. wood looks better, and is easier to work with. Also notice that my holes are far apart... you may want to put them closer together, around a cm apart will do next step is to cut a plexiglass disc, the diameter of the wood ring you just cut out. place this on top of the wood ring, and fasten it using the drywall screws. this is now a completed base for your hookah to sit upon. under this, the UV LEDs will be installed. More updates as it comes along
  3. dyzel

    Glowing Hookah Hoses! Diy

    0.3 was a mistype, terribly orry, it should be 1.3 mm. The smalest grade avaliable is 1.0mm
  4. dyzel

    Glowing Hookah Hoses! Diy

    I should have mentioned the metrics before... My bad. Basically, for a standard hose, (around 1 - 2 cm in diameter) You will need the following: i advise, for every 1 foot of hose, you will need 2 foot of EL wire. Also if you plan on purchasing El Wire you should be aware that there are two grades of el wire, we call them Lytec Wire and Chinese wire. Lytec wire is of higher quality, is brighter and lasts longer than Chinese wire. Both grades of El wire cost about the same - $1.00 a foot (even less) - so its really a no brainer. GO FOR THE LYTEC!!!! if you wanna buy some, it would be a good idea to try out 2.5mm EL wire. this is a superbright rdition, for double glow!! buy fro, here an alternative idea is to use wire tail for the hose
  5. dyzel

    Ultra Hookah "ice" Chamber

    Oh, i forgot... As for your metal somethings to store the liquid nitrogen, try these "pills" They have an airtight fitting screw on cap. here
  6. dyzel

    Ultra Hookah "ice" Chamber

    well well i must get some rubbing alcohol... If it don't work for the hookah, atleast i can always spill it down my lil bro's shirt, then watch him sufer, through a haze of warm shisha smoke YAAY!!
  7. yes! the pedestal composes of a good portion of the sculpture... very useful space... Why not reserve the torch for some cool lighting effect?? Maybe throw in one of those flame imitation bulbs
  8. Ever needed to light up your hookah, just to end up finding that you have lost your bowl grommet, and are.l.. metaphorically screwed?! simple makeshift solution... all you need is a paper napkin Fold up the paper napkin into a thin long strip. next step, wrap it around your hookah, and firmly press on your bowl/hose. This sadly does not work for the base... Oh and it is worth mentioning that it is heat proof, and heat from the bowl will not affect it! Simple enough, right??? works like a charm
  9. dyzel

    Glowing Hookah Hoses! Diy

    15$??? Thats a bit pricy mate... I think you have looked at a thick grade of EL wire... You may want to search for the thinnest string you can find, around 0.3 mm... I suggest... shouldn't cost half as much
  10. dyzel

    Ultra Hookah "ice" Chamber

    even if you do inhale nitrogen fumes... consider that almost 70% of atmospheric air contains this gas i will post pics very soon!!! And liquidglass: You can get liquid Nitro "ice cubes"... these are pointless for use in a hookah though, as they would freeze the water in the vase, causing it to expand, possibly even breaking your base So... I wouldn't advise it. The only solution is if you replace the water in the base with neat alcohol, which has a much MUCH lower freezing temperature... If you do like your base real cold, this is what you can do: Buy frozen CO2 - DRY ICE!!! You can buy it as a disc, diameter of around 8 inches, and a thickness of one inch. put it in a foam tray, and sit your hookah, containing cold water on it. Water gets colder, and stays that way... I have not tried this,... but... could work
  11. dyzel

    Ultra Hookah "ice" Chamber

    Yes, that is true, neat liquid nitrogen can give you a terrible burn. The ice chamber Whcih i had bought is double guaged and insulated, holding the canister containing the liquid nitrogen feels much like having your hand on a bowl that just cam outa the fridge. Not too bad, not nearly hazardous. the only dangerous part here would be when filling the canister. maybe this is in order: DISCLAIMER: I am not to be held responsible if you burn your skin off while using liquid nitrogen
  12. dyzel

    Glowing Hookah Hoses! Diy

    Hmmm... In a bid to clarify a few things, i think i will explain the absolute basics in this new post. Things that you will need: - A hookah hose - A reel of EL wire (colour of your choice - An EL driver (power source) - Short length of black latex tubing (around 2 inches is enough) Basically, you wrap the EL wire around the hookah hose, following the spring pattern to ensure that the hose maintains its flexibility. The black latex is used as a holder. Basically, at either end of the hose, where the EL wire ends, the latex ring covers, and holds the wire in place. The latex ring on the end of the hose that goes into the hookah also houses the EL driver. EL wire is rather costly, so i advise that you purchase only the length you will require. full reels cost upto 800$ whereas the project (for 2 hookah hoses - 74" long, costs roughly 7$ and a few cents) The driver is of negligible cost too. I hope this has been explained better... Any improvements i could make, please let me know otherwise, enjoy the pipe
  13. Ok, Just made a pair of these hose and... WOW i really really like em! So. Basically, i used an old hookah hose covered it in EL - wire (electroluminescent wire) put a cover over it and done!!! i have a glowing hose!!! What you need: *Latex tubing of desired length (must be black) *Adequate muslin fabric to make a hose cover (optional) *Reel of EL wire in the colour of your choice. buy from here you will need to purchase an EL driver from the above site too. If you want, you can qalso buy a sequencer, to keep the ELwire flashing etc. *time and skill Ok. So, take your hose, take ELwire. Wrap El wire around the hose Following the pattern of the spring on the inner hose. Do this end to end, and to the end that enters the hookah, add the driver. This is how the ELwire wraps around the hose: the finished project is shown below... Notice when not in use, i used blue EL wire on blue hose, when in use and lit up at night, the hose glows. The wire looks purple and fuzzy in my pic because i used a shit fone cam. Sorry for unclear images. I had to use mobile phones camera hope you gfet the general idea It is essential that you follow the natural spring layout of the hose, if not, the hose loses its flexibility. I am aware of my poor presentation of the project... alas, i suck... no... I SUCK at making these instructabley things. If anyone so wishes to improve this, i give full permission to edit my post, or even just contribute to the thread.
  14. this is the pic... I know it sucks... NO COMMENTS thanks [attachment=1554:hkf.bmp] this is the pic... I know it sucks... NO COMMENTS http://hookahforum.com/style_emoticons/def...cool.gif thanks http://hookahforum.com/style_emoticons/def...s.gif">
  15. aha!!! On the lady liberty hookah... a few ideas!!! First off, her crown is hollow, right?! So... have the lady's head split neatly into two, push a brass pipe thru to the bottom of her figure.The crown then covers the lit bowl, and acts as a wind cover. The water vase is box shaped, stored in the pedestal she stands on. (hollowed out). the pipe then comes out from under an outlet located under the vase. I will post a pic to show you what i mean in a bit