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  1. Honest Opinion I sell this on my website also, but the honest opinion is as follows: The flavour is very good, and its very different to the other flavours out there. But, and here's the BUT, it doesn't smoke as long as Al-Fakher, and its a lot smoother than Al-Fakher, if you like a strong nicotine hit, then i still recommend AL-Fakher. Strangely enough as well, it really makes the water go red? I think it has too much colouring in the molasses. Overall, worth the price, and good to get a different flavour to the rest. As always, this is in my humble opinion, evreryone has different tastes, and ways of preparing flavours.
  2. I use a pyrex bowl to heat the real charcoal wood peices in the microwave for 3 minutes, until the coal is glowing white with heat, it keeps the flavour pure on the shisha, and is easy to do because the microwave is doing the hard work. Any of you guys tried this method?
  3. Yalgo.com

    Mint Scare

    Is it because the shisha cafe owner had been running low on mint, that's why he was saying that? I'd take his statement with a pinch of salt.