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  1. jmexx

    Hookah Base Liquids

    Leechy alcohol works really well with anything fruity.
  2. jmexx

    Oh balls :(

    It's the same situation for taxes up north and we don't even cross any water! I'm going to have to rent a PO box or something in the states, I'm only about an hour and a half from Plattsburg! Sorry to hear for your misfortune but can't you order from the middle east without having to pay those fees? or find a way to import it under massel or shisha? Southsmoke.com usually puts shisha on the box and customs is none the wiser!
  3. It's not of my pipe but it's of what I can do with my pipe
  4. jmexx

    Fumari [Your Thoughts]

    The Hookah Lounge I go to uses Fumari. It's the only lounge in Canada that will actually use their tobacco considering the ridiculous taxes we pay, makes the expensive tobacco even more expensive. I still smoke Al Amir at home but there's a certain drug, almost, in Fumari . I asked the owner of the lounge how much he'd charge if he ever would for Fumari, he said after all the taxes and a little profit, it'd come out to 100$CND!!! for 250 grams.
  5. Shouldn't be too smelly. It could smell like incense depending on the tobacco
  6. jmexx

    Great B-day surprise, eh?

    Looks awesome! Have a good night!
  7. Yeah, you should still cover where you smoke. When I first started smoking indoors at home, I've had so many bad experiences with the coal burning. I hope for your sake this works and keeps the holes in the floor to a minimum! Why not use quick lights?
  8. jmexx

    ConGrats GUM!

    What happened? What'd I miss?! Dammit... I really need to find some more spare time for this site!
  9. jmexx

    Kashmir Peach

    I know what you mean. It's not a tobacco made for everyone. I'm able to smoke it but head aches are frequent so I don't enjoy it as much as I do my other tobacco's. Especially since Hookah is the only form of smoke I tend to inhale, I'm even less used to the feelings of nicotine...I have a couple of samples from Mush that I smoke on the rare occassion but only if the occassion is VERY rare.
  10. jmexx

    Pimp Your Hookah

    AF Gold for 9.50?! I mean the Al Amir is a buck cheaper then southsmoke.com, where I usually get my tobacco from, but still that AF is crazy! I'll stick to southsmoke for the Al Amir since there's reward points I can now get a free box of Al Amir and some accessories, lol
  11. That has to be the most LAZY product I've ever heard of! Hookah lounges are supposed to start up every hookah and I guess these guys just use an automated way of doing it. The problem with that, though, is that the one who's preparing the hookah doesn't really taste it to see if it's properly made, too harsh, etc... At the lounge I go to, when they used to prepare the hookah for me (now I do it myself, I've gotten to know the workers/owner quite personally,) they would always make sure it was properly made and the best way to test it would be through starting the session for the client...
  12. Watermelon is great!The only flavour out of your three that I've had problems with was lemon. It felt a little bit like the powder you use to make lemonade. Caramel Apple takes an acquired taste to enjoy it. Blackberry is very enjoyable, adds a bit of a sour taste but all in all it's enjoyable.Out of the 12-15 flavours from Al Amir that I've owned/tried, only 2 weren't to my standards. The tobacco is up there with Havanna, both very flavourful tobacco.
  13. jmexx

    Fumari or Tangiers?

    I think Betsy likes the attention :PFumari sends my local lounge free samples whenever they "come out" with a new flavor/product.
  14. I've been able to get around custom fees and taxes. Per box you'd pay like 30-40$ of customs. The hookah lounge I go to is considering to sell Fumari tobacco (the tobacco they use,) to the public at something close to 70$ per 250 grams or like 30$ per 100 grams. The reason why we find Nakhla for 15$ for 250 grams is because they basically go to the states, pick up tobacco and come back. I end up paying about 15$ for 250grams of Al Amir, shipping included. It's been awhile since I've ordered and I hear they're cracking down on the shipping companies but so far any store that uses USPS has been OK for me...
  15. jmexx

    Best Coals

    Three Kings are the coals I've been using for awhile. I've tried some natural coals but I find it's too long of a wait for nothing. Plus there's really no maintenance needed during a session with the Three Kings. I've found with natural coals that I had to clean the coal too frequently and more ash was getting into the bowl.