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  1. Gold Wing Gunner

    Hooka Coal Falling Off - Need Help!

    I use a combo bowl all the time. Alot of the guys in here dont like it, but its saved carpets a hundred times with friends pullin it over and such... link: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/pc/conf...p;idproduct=980
  2. Gold Wing Gunner

    Havana Shisha

    ive got some havana, its all in arabic but a friend of mine told me it said mystery flavor. It tastes like Grape/Strawberry with an ash flavor. Every time I pack it thats what I get. So idk if ill get another havana pack... But if ya like it smoke it man, maybe ya found your shisha!
  3. Gold Wing Gunner

    Syrian vs Egyptian

    yup mine's an egyptian, bowl's a female, bowl's a male. And ive seen two syrian hookah's in person, both of which were male bowl, and female hookah. But idk if thats always a good way to tell.
  4. Gold Wing Gunner

    Another Pic Thread

    I use instant lites and a butane lighter, but I usually warm them up on the stove while im packing the bowl like put it on low so they light and get red hot all around really fast
  5. Gold Wing Gunner

    Again.. Id This Hookah..

    almost identical to my egyptian, only mine is a bit taller, and has a different base. But the stem's styling and the hose port and purge valve look dead on mine, only mine has a like wear spot on the hose adapter... Its getting to be old...
  6. Gold Wing Gunner

    Do You Guys Shave, And How Often?

    I keep a beard right now, I shave every few days to keep it uniform, or if im headed out to see m'lady. But I used to shave for work, I hated that. I have to do it every day if im shaving it clear. But I signed up for the army so when I leave I gotta keep it clean :/
  7. Gold Wing Gunner

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    Well my nickname for all my friends in person is Hector, even tho im a skinny white boy. I got that because I have always been on two wheels bikes, scooters, motorcycles. And I used to wear half finger gloves all the time, like all through freshman year of highschool. Well coincidentaly I also got in alot of fights during freshman year, and I won almost all of them! Well next thing I knew everyone was callign me Hector Rodriguez The Street Fighting Champion! So even tho at first I thought it was lame, it grew on me and I am now called Hector. As For Gold Wing Gunner, I play Counter Strike sometimes, but Mostly Day of Defeat. And I used to play the Machinegun position alot, because I was unbelieveably good at it! Like I got banned from alot of servers for 'hacking' with it becaues I kicked ass! But one day I was in a server and everyone was talking about starwars and kept changing their names to like Red Squad leader- and such, well I chose Gold Wing Gunner. And next thing I knew everyone online knew me as Gold Wing Gunner or GWG or Goldwinger lol. But I dont really care what ppl call me, like not at all so feel free to break out the insults yall. lol
  8. Gold Wing Gunner

    Hookah Re- Design

    sounds interesting, I was always interested in making a bowl with a heating source built in... I used to work for harley davidson and I almost bought this stuff that an aftermarke company made that you put under your grips and it had a push button control and it could get damn hot or not so damn hot.
  9. I love AF Mint, works with about anything. Even mint!
  10. Gold Wing Gunner


    I usually only purge when im at somebodys house and someone is leanin in looking at my hookah like Wow ive never seen one of these before! so I scare the shit outa them with a big puff of smoke in the face! get them every time
  11. Gold Wing Gunner

    Buzz Maker!

    I might try such a thing, as long as its been tested to be safe like you say. My friends love the buzz but its just a small bonus to me.
  12. Gold Wing Gunner

    What Vender Edited Item!

    HC posted my hookah at 39.99 and I was like Wow what a deal! and thats what I paid, about a week after it arrived I was on their site and it was at 79.99! I was soooooo Freakin happy!
  13. Gold Wing Gunner

    What's Wrong With People Today?

    A place near me got broken into and robbed one night, I talked to the owner and he said all they got out with was a couple rolls of coins, but they broke two of his big plate glass windows. Ass holes
  14. Gold Wing Gunner

    Hookah Explosion

    I use a ton of ice and top it off with coconut milk sometimes, staight milk I have not tried, id think it would bubble too much... not to get off topic...
  15. Gold Wing Gunner


    gl man! I hope he pulls through! hopefully the brotherly bond is an honest one...