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  1. Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone is been a long time since I've been on. I don't even know the last time I signed on but I stopped at a hookah lounge so wanted to stop in and say hi. I'm not sure how many of you remember me but I used to be on here all the time. I bought a house, got engaged and then got married. In November of last year my wife got a new job in California and I moved to North Hollywood. Working for a company out here. My new place doesn't allow smoking so I left my hookah in Rhode island, and only have hookah very seldomly at lounges. Hope everyone is doing good I miss you guys. I'll try to check in a bit here and there. You guys were always my favorite online community.
  2. Getting Out Of Hookah Sale!

    sad to see you go chris :( I know I haven't been on much but it has always been a pleasure smoking in tc with you my friend, good luck with everything!
  3. Guess Who's Gonna Be A Daddy...

    Haven't been by in a while, but happy I came by to hear the great news. Congrats chris, I'm happy for you!
  4. That'll definitely do it.
  5. have you tried to take off the bowl, hold your finger to the opening at the top and breathe in? if it bubbles or you are able to breathe in anything at all you have a leak somewhere. if you dont, try putting the bowl back on, put your palm on top of the bowl to close off air and try again, if it bubbles then that means you may not have a good seal between the bowl and the stem. Also I suggest breaking the 3k into halves and moving them to the outer edges of the bowl, rather than the center like you have in the pictures.
  6. New To Forum

    I've never seen the ceramica, thats a pretty neat looking hookah!
  7. What's Everyones Favorite Cigar?

    The last cigar that i really liked was a san cristobal classico
  8. where did you get it that cheap? Pics?
  9. Selling It All.

    [b]Trade has been completed[/b]
  10. I think its fairly amusing. Will get old and die a quick quick death though.
  11. I Did It!

    Thanks guys! I just need to order some shisha and have a celebratory sesh
  12. I Did It!

    So on saturday morning I went over my girlfriends parent's house and had a chat with her dad. That night after many ridiculous problems and things getting messed up we went to the breakers since they had a christmas event where they decorate the mansion all up with holiday decorations and stuff. Heres some pics of the place: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Breakers and while we were taking a picture, I asked my girlfriend to marry me in front of like 300 people! It was awesome and had so many people congratulate us and clap for us and everything. Anyway, just wanted to tell my HF family!
  13. Depression Ftl

    Good to see you back and glad to hear youre doing better stu, I have had some issues with small bouts every here and there, would not wish it on anyone. Keep your chin up brotha!
  14. looks more egyptian to me, but im not much of an expert on syrians.