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  1. "natural Born Citizens"

    QUOTE (james @ Mar 11 2008, 01:15 PM) Natural born = no epidural during labor. Glad I could straighten things out here. +1
  2. Fear

  3. Mya Qt Vs The Chic

    Bambino all the way. Yeah, the Chic has a smaller water level/larger smoke chamber, but I just think that the vase quality on the bambino is better overall. Only problem I've ever had with it is purge, and that's my experience with Myas all the way around. Case is great for taking it on trips too. If you wanna get crazy, go get a QT vase and the bambino stem. They look absolutely sick together. I think there's a pic floating around on the board here if you wanna look for it.
  4. Castro Resigns!

    Any change for the working class in Cuba would be welcome. If recent reports are any indication (http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/americas/02/07/cuba.videos/index.html) then conditions there now are comparable or worse than that of early 1900's industrial centers here in good ol' US of A. Makes me sad just thinkin about it.
  5. Slight Leak?

    Sadly no, I don't. My bambino is at the house, otherwise I'd take a look at it. Maybe I'll re-post later this afternoon.
  6. Slight Leak?

    They might both need to be tightened down. Both the hose and purge valve (carb) are just bolted onto the stem assembly. I forget whether mine had any type of seal, but I would imagine a trip to a hardware store and getting some correctly sized o-rings would help you out if you're still having issues.
  7. Two Hose Conversion

    Not true. Still dunno if I can help with the Stargate question, but I bought a generic (but gorgeous) hookah from a specialty foods shop, and the Mya adapter works just fine on my carb, so they are not unique. Maybe check out your local lounge, they should be able to help you out.
  8. Algahzaleen Tea.... hands down.
  9. Slight Leak?

    My bambino had a problem where it just came a little loose. Get an adjustable wrench up on the inside of the stem and grab the nut, and tighten it down on the outside. Worked like a charm for me.
  10. Colored Smoke

    Get a laser pen. And some bubbles.... oh, and a cookie.
  11. Colorado Smokers Co

    Fort Collins here.
  12. Favorite Flavor Combos...

    Rose Cherry Mint Cinnamon Mint Jasmine Mango Orange Cinnamon Fumari Orange Cream Mint and many more
  13. And this would be moi.... [attachment=920:Dar2.jpg] [attachment=921:Dar.jpg] and my toys... [attachment=922:IMAGE_005m.jpg]
  14. Does This Suck

    Lol, wow. I love how out of one piece of writing people can get so many totally different views of it. Actually, this is something I wrote a little over a year ago in about 15 minutes that I cam across on an old blog and got me thinkin again. I had just gotten out of a rough relationship, and I think it was about how life sucks and how love is supposed to make it worthwhile. So good call Mech, and Phish. I had someone tell me this totally sucked. I couldn't tell if the idea or the writing was the problem.... *shrugs*