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  1. WAKESK8


    Layalina Cherry SETUP: 2 seperate occasions, both times same results! 1st Blck Nile Onyx 3 hose, medium bowl, H2O. 2nd King Tut' Medium bowl, H2O SMELL: excellent super strong cherry smell! Had my mouth watering! CUT: very nice cut and there was definately more than 50G in the bag! only 1 maybe 2 stems outta the whole supposedly 50G SMOKE: Very Very Very nice smoke! Great thick and very tasty clouds! This is now my go to Shisha! BUZZ: decent buzz, but then again i wasn't looking for the buzz just the taste. TASTE: Excellent taste! Like i said my go to Shisha now! DURATION: one person about 2 hours on a medium stock bowl OVERALL: 10/10 best smoke i have found. and it didn't drip down my stem like the Fantasia Cherrry did!
  2. WAKESK8

    Greetings From Oklahoma City

    i have been reading on the forums for a while now. i have a sidekick 3 and for some reason the way this site is set up i cant make posts from it on here. so right now i am sitting in a hotel room in Las Vegas on my girlfriends computer! LOL! i was hoping to hit up my normal spot here in the Stratosphere called Serenity, which used to be a super cool hookah lounge. but it is shut down, and most of the others are a little cab ride off the strip. so i havn't gotten a chance to check them out! as for my hookah"s i have been using the heck out of the Black Nile Onyx i purchased from buildahookah.com (fantasia tobacco). even with the base being cracked all the way around( i epoxied it back together) it's still going strong. The 2 Mya's, and one of the King Tut"s should be at my doorstep when i get back in town on Friday' if we can fly back into OKC with the weather the way it seems to be there! i bought another King Tut for my girlfriend (she absolutely loves them' and i can"t really blame here, the things smoke so well), and the Mya 4 hose Paragon (black) is my Christmas present, the mini Mya 2 hose was free with the order i placed with hooka-shisha.com for the other 2. Brain Damage' where abouts do you live? we usually go to Isis hookah Lounge, and sometimes ZAM ZAM(NW 39th and MacAruthur) to do a little social smoking. You know of any places other than Drew's Tobacco World for Hookah supplies. so far the best place to shop that i have found is hookah-shisha.com those guys rock. Fastest customer service i have ever dealt with, shipping is fast, and the guys are super nice!
  3. Hello from OKC! i am an avid Shisha smoker! I fund out the hookah about 7 years ago while visiting Las vegas and was mezmorized. Have been smoking off and on since then! i currently own a Black Nile Onyx from Buildahookah.com, Mya Paragon 4 hose, and Mini Mya. My girlfriend owns 2 King Tuts. Anyway Hello and happy holidays! Anymore shisha smokers from Oklahoma?
  4. WAKESK8

    Black Nile Onyx

    okay so i went out on a limb and bought the Black Nile Onyx Hookah from Buildahookah.com about 2 months ago. it is a really good smoker for the price and pretty easy to maintain. smokes well, the hoses are decent, and everything disassembles for easy cleaning. havn't changed anything from what it haevery other day. only problem i have had was the base recently cracked from a mishap while cleaning. other than that i definatly recommend for a first timer or a cheaper priced small group pipe. it is a 3 hose with the check valve system and as far as the that it works great. the check valves are glass beads so no corosion there. gets a little hard to take a puff when 3 people are at it at the same time. everthing is make out of aliminum or stainless. All in all a good pipe.