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  1. All - I gave up hookah smoking years ago and my garage is filled with a ton of hookah stuff that I am looking to sell rather than throw away. WIth that said, I'm selling the following items for $100!!! Will not go lower on the price. Also, please excuse my terminology as I have been fairly removed from hookah forums. Mya Gyro Hookah Smokes up to 4 people Used only a few times Comes with travel case Bought it brand new for $300 Khalil Mamoon Hookah This thing is huge! 55" or so and was my favorite Hookah Bought brand new for $100-150 Mya Hookah Never used Small hookah I got from Hookah Shisha with order over $100 One Person Hookah All Hookah Accessories Bowls (about 3-5 of them) Charcoal Any other Hookah Accessories lying around Buyer pays for shipping! Ships from Westchester, NY. DM me if you are interested.
  2. uglycustoomer

    Mya Gyro For Sale $80

    You guys know the hookah! Take it off my hands! Comes with case plus 4 adapters for hose hookup. E-MAIL ME FOR PICTURES AND IF INTERESTED. adrian.baldor@gmail.com   Must pay for shipping. 
  3. so, i love smoking hookah, but smoking by yourself gets boring after a while. I love smoking with friends and just chatting away. That being said. There should be like a section here for "singles" or something trying to find people around their area that smoke. So that being said, I'm from ny, 5 minutes from the city and i need to find a group of people that smoke around me.
  4. uglycustoomer

    Mya Gyro For Sale

    Selling my Mya Gyro because i have way too many hookahs. Only used it a a few times. Comes with, 3 hose Ports and the ability to add 1 more, bowl and case. Selling for $100 plus shipping/handling. You can view pictures of the Hookah here, http://img543.imageshack.us/g/img2956w.jpg/ If you have any questions please e-mail me at adrian.baldor@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. uglycustoomer

    Selling Mya Gyro Hookah

    I have listed this item on ebay at the address below, [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270650828888&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1156"]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270650828888&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1156[/url] If you are interested in this offer off of e-bay, reply to this message or e-mail me directly at adrian.baldor@gmail.com You can view pictures of this hookah at the link below, http://img299.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=img2957ae.jpg Thanks
  6. [attachment=1047:IMG_1127_2.JPG]Well, figure i would try to start a thread with pictures of actual collections. Here is mine
  7. uglycustoomer

    Cleaning Pipe Without A Brush? Help!

    Word, good call. I'm going to hit up petco after work. Thanks! QUOTE (Sylren @ Mar 23 2009, 06:19 PM) Go to a fish store and they have brushes for like 1.50. They come in all different sizes and in three packs!
  8. so, i by mistake threw out my pipe brush to clean my mya gyro. I have a KM brush, but it's way too big to fit down the gyro. I tired cleaning my gyro with lemon, soap, vodka, baking soda hoping that the gunk inside would magically disappear, but it's still there and is tainting my hookah sessions. help!
  9. Al Waha After Nine is really good, but the fusion mix is a little stronger in taste. The Lucid, ehh. good luck! QUOTE (arcane @ Mar 22 2009, 02:56 PM) Yeah, I was thinking about using the Lucid mix. But everyone says the Cocoa isn't really a milk chocolate type flavor, more of the hot cocoa type flavor. So, that won't equate to an Andes. Either way, I have both Lucid's coming and I have a 50g of Al Waha After Nine and Fusion ChocoMint. So, I'll let you know how it goes. Might look for a sample of Fumari to try as well.
  10. uglycustoomer

    Laugh At My Expense If You Must

    little egypt? i assume somewhere in NY right? my dream is open a hookah lounge and i believe the best place to do it would be a college and i know just the spot.
  11. ya, Af chocolate does not do the mint/chocolate mix justice. However, i bought Fumari's Mint Chocolate and it's really good, realllly good. Give it a shot. In terms of Nakhla chocolate mint, i bought it once and it was so strong, instead of letting it sit out to acclimate a little i just threw it out, oops.
  12. Just wondering how everyone cleans their hookah. Myself, I just use hot water and antibacterial soap and really scub the inside with the tools my km came with. After that, I take Q tips and get inside the check value and hose port. Does anyone here use vodka to clean their pipe? Always wondered if someone used that method.
  13. So, spring is right around the corner here in ny and that means it's almost smoking weather. That being said, I usually have a bunch of people over and setup my pipes and all that stuff. This year I plan to start off the season with a traditional hookah party, only problem is, what is traditional? Hah. I figure I will serve hummus with pita bread and fruit drinks. I know alcohol isn't traditional but I'm sure I will end up getting something. So aside from hummus and non-alcoholic drinks, what else?
  14. thanks for the tips everyone!
  15. uglycustoomer

    Orient Shisha Tobacco

    as i have also written before, orient is the best shisha you will ever have, too bad i could only smoke it in germany.
  16. uglycustoomer

    Orient .com Shisha

    Ya, I did have the honey melon and it was a really wet shisha like al fakher
  17. uglycustoomer

    Orient .com Shisha

    and ya, it is a little over 3 euros for a 50g. it's really expensive but well worth it.
  18. uglycustoomer

    Orient .com Shisha

    ya, i went to Germany last summer for a few weeks and found that tobacco. I bought the honey flavor mixed with something, i forget. I loaded it into this really really old hookah that had been lying around in my girlfriend apartment in Germany and woooooooo..... Probably the best, flavorful, tasting shisha i have ever had in my life. I have been trying to find that shisha around here, but it can only be found in Germany. The only time i can get my hands on it is when she or I go over there. if you can buy this anywhere online, you must buy. I have been smoking for years now, i have tried everything, but that stuff is sooo amazingly smooth and so amazing that it beats every tobacco i have smoked.
  19. uglycustoomer

    New Jersey Hookah Shops?

    how are the prices at hookah paradise in jersey? i'm thinking of making a trip if it's isn't too high.
  20. uglycustoomer

    Traditional Banana?

    ya, nakhla seems to be the winner here. I'm a big fruit flavor guy, can't wait to try it. As for hookah-hookah, ehhh, i bought mango a week ago, tasted like chemicals.
  21. can someone give me a good traditional banana flavor that doesn't taste like chemicals? I want to give nakhla a try. But are there any other worthy ones to try?
  22. uglycustoomer

    Traditional Banana?

    cool cool. ya i have grown to looove nakhla. Strawberry by them is awesome. I just wish the weather outside wasn't below freezing so i could smoke again! damn new york!
  23. uglycustoomer

    Km Exotica For Sale!

    Hey guys, i'm selling my 40" KM exotica that i bought from gothookahs.com for $60. I have used it maybe 3-4 times. I have uploaded some pictures, if the buyer wants different angels or something i will just e-mail them to you. Buyer pays for ALL material and shipping. (box, peanuts and bubble wrap) <p> <p> <p> <p> <p> <p> <p> My e-mail is adrian.baldor@gmail.com if anyone has any questions let me know!!
  24. uglycustoomer

    Km Exotica For Sale!

    already sold
  25. uglycustoomer

    Km Exotica For Sale!

    QUOTE (SixPackSunday @ Dec 7 2008, 01:28 PM) so 73 shipped? ya plus supplies