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  1. Nima

    Ebay Find

    Im also not a fan of metal tips. Have to agree that $10 is a steal though. are you happy with it? I wouldn't mind buying a used hookah but a used hose is tricky.
  2. Nima

    Road Trip From Dallas To La

    We actually didn't get a ticket, just warning, but did record the entire cop interaction on iPhone and uploaded it to Facebook within few minutes . We tool route 20 , then to route 10, and then 8. Passed around San Diego on the way but didn't go inside the city. I did manage to go to Starbuzz store in downtown LA though. Not bad.
  3. We drove from Dallas to LA and back for New Year. Stopped by probably a dozen different hookah bars on the way (and few caisnos of course). oh, and was stopped by a cop for the rear passenger not wearing his seat belt
  4. Nima

    Yet Another Canadian

    Welcome to the forum eyy. I was just in Montreal and have to say absolutely love it. Cheers
  5. My first hookah session was under a bridge over a famous river in Isfahan, Iran. I went there with my family, had some great tea and smoked hookah with my dad. have loved it every since.
  6. I also think too much emphasis is being put on the hookah itself. The size of the hookah and the hose matter just as much
  7. Nima

    Virginia Smokers Va

    I actually am in Harrisonburg, VA for this week (Thanksgiving). Is anyone here in Harrisonburg? maybe we can have a pre-thanksgiving smoke
  8. Nima

    Anyone In Dallas Area?

    everything in Texas is far from each other. I go to one hookah bar around Dallas but only because i know the owner. I need to find some hookah buddies to go to other lounges in Dallas.
  9. ive never smoked using Razan myself. what;s Mahir's website?
  10. [quote name='mitchard' timestamp='1290526775' post='489293'] A one hose KM will serve you well. Two hoses is really unnecessary. I haven't used a multi-hosed pipe in years really, and we get along just fine with 4+ people smoking. Its just a matter of learning how to share [/quote] puff puff pass
  11. Honestly more than one hose starts to affect the smoke pull. Khalil Mamoon is your best bet. however $130 might be a little too low for a two hose Khalil Mamoon. One Hose: Khalil Mamoon Halzone 2 Hose: Magdy Zidan Cairo + Nammor Hose (What I use myself)
  12. Nima

    Anyone In Dallas Area?

    I go to the Winstar casino every now and then. thats closer to you, right?
  13. Nima

    Hookah In The Navy

    How long do soldiers stay on navy ships at a time?
  14. Nima

    Completely New.

    Multiple hoses are great. [list][*]Make sure to get longer hoses[*]Khalil Mamoon and Nammor are the best hoses.[*]A good hoses determines 40% of your smoke quality[/list]What you will use over and over: [list][*]Coals[*]Tobacco[*]Mouth piece (if you use them)[*]Foil[/list]The hookah itself: [list][*]Get a Magdy Zidan or Khalil Mamoon hookah. You will not regret it.[/list]Welcome to the hookah smokers community
  15. Nima

    Showing Off My Avatar

    Sadly I can't take full credit for drawing it. I did however have my graphic designer do it so I still have the copyright