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  1. Charley

    New Vase

    I can not belive how well it smokes. it has made more of a diffrance then my namor hose lol. next step i am going to upgrade to the tall km tri metal stem. then I may have a glass mouthtip made at a semi local glass shop a couple counties over. have them match the color and design.
  2. Charley

    New Vase

    oh btw it was 50% off there clearing them out. so if you want one you need to get it soon lol
  3. Charley

    New Vase

    you will have to mod the seal a bit. i used an old flat band exercise band (a giant ruber band lol) cut it and wrapped it then hit it it with some super glue. but electical tape should work well too.   the glass is collored all the way through and there was no lead warnings anywere on it. but i did see some other vases there that had them so be carful that the one you get is safe. (no lead warnings or stickers that say not food safe and that the glass is solid in collor instead of painted or moge podge.)     btw just had the first smoke out of it and it was awsome. my clouds were huge great filtration and the bulb at the top left pleanty of room for the smoke to collect. so much better then the stock km base.   (to tired to spell check so deal with it.lol)
  4. Charley

    New Vase

    nope the base is sturdy as can be. the vase itself is about 5 times heavier then the stem. its very solid and thick glass.
  5. Charley

    New Vase

    found it at hobby lobby. took a little modding to fit it but it works great.
  6. Charley

    Fellow Lurkers.

    I find mysself lurking after my return instead of posting like back in the day. it seems all I see are the same old post that I have 1. no intrest in posting on or 2. I do not have enough relevent information to make an informed post in. I miss the old days when I could log on and read post for hours and still not make it all the way through everything that had been posted that day. becuase of that I have started to wonder how many other lurkers out there feel the same, and to ask if they have other reasons to lurk as well that I havent thoguht about.
  7. Charley

    Elmas Hose

    I used to use an air matress pump on my non washable hoses. works pretty well. also would turn it to reverse to get my hoohah going lol.
  8. reminds me of the old calafornia psa for banning cigerettes. it shows this wanna be gangster lifting his shirt up like hes about to show his gun off but instead its a carton of smokes. I can so see them running it in NY now.
  9. a few years ago I had a nammor tip that I bought online. it was all metal and matched perfectly with my tri metal stem. (copper silver look) It came up missing some time ago and I for the life of me can not remember where I got it from. if anyone knows what I am talking about and where to find one please let me know.
  10. not the one I had but I like it and yes that is very close. the one I had matched the copper "bell" design on the tri metal. I will defanatly be getting this one lol but I would like to still find the other design too.
  11. sory for the double thread only ment to make one. the post function is all screwie right now.
  12. never could get tangires to aclamate right here in indiana.
  13. almost the whole time i was gone I had no hookah. (almost three years!) now I am back cleaned up my old tri metal and have been smoking some crappy generic shisha from smoker friendly. but I have some nak on the way now and still have a few afires left and soon as i get payed im going to order the 24lb box.
  14. afire still makes a great coal. they call them koko charcoal now. you can get a 24lb box on amazon for around $55 lol. and yes that was me that sent them I belive but if so you had a diffrent user name then? packed some shisha with them i think.
  15. Charley

    Indiana Smokers In

    living in austin now.
  16. ty ty.its good to be back and im glad to see im still in you sig lol
  17. AF or not it looks like a mighty fine hookah, and you say it smokes great. That's all that matters in the end right? its a great find man hope it serves you well for a very long time.
  18. Charley

    Ecig Info

    alright the model of the Ecig I am using is a DSE 901. I bought it from http://www.shop.ecsiinc.com/main.sc for 29.99 (its called the chrome 901c on there but its a DSE 901 so are the black ones and white ones that are listed directly under it for the same price) ecsi dose not charge shipping (unless you want it to arrive faster then you can chose a faster shipping method) my pass through came from healthcabin.net it was $9 they have unbelievable prices on stuff but there in china so it take a bit for orders to arrive and they charge out the ass for shipping. (but large orders its worth it because the price you save on items more then offsets the shipping.) I bought some 10ml bottles of flavored ejuice from healthcabin and most tasted like cigar flavors (good cigar flavors but still cigar flavors) usually tho I make my own I use flavorless Ejuice (the highest nicotine i can get) and cut it in half with VG and then add LorAnn candy flavoring oil (it dosent take much and some flavors take even less) the marlboro flavor i have taste exactly like the real thing. some of the flavors i make with the LorAnn oils taste like shisha. I will post some smoking vids latter to show you all. any questions post them and ill try my best to help you.
  19. Charley

    Anniversary Ideas

    as some of you know romance is lost on all the women I have dated but here are a few things i did try with them to be romantic. I bribed the station manager at the local radio station to play her favorite song every hour on the hour with a dedication saying this song goes to xxxx from Charley Happy birthday baby I love you. she said it was annoying. I set up a table out in the woods with a cooler with a homemade lasagna inside sitting in the middle placed teke torches all around it and built fire pit out of stones then burried a pipe in the ground that was threaded with cannon fuse that lead up to the torches and then coiled in the fire place (which I had a ton of firestarter in so the fuse would actually lite it all.) then i got her ready to go night fishing (she loved to night fish) were sitting there on the bank of the river middle of the night and i say oh what is this. pick of the other end of the fuse and light it it burns down through the pipe till it comes out the other side and climbs up the torches lighting them and then moves on to the fire pit i built and lights that too all reviling the table in the center with the homemade meal. she said she wanted mcdonalds instead. I sent flowers to her work with an a card that simply read I love you baby I cant wait to see you. she called me and said she had to work over I found her car parked at my friends house she thought they were from him apparently. I woke up early one morning and placed a single rose on my pillow next to her head cooked her breakfast set the table blacked out the windows and light some candles (ring in hand.) she woke up and smacked me in the face saying i was cheating on her. even tho these didnt work for me they might give you a few ideas.
  20. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wppjYDj9JUc[/media]
  21. they gave me latex gloves at work tonight insted of the nertile gloves im alergic to latex fml

  22. [quote name='hippsylake' date='31 May 2010 - 05:49 PM' timestamp='1275346199' post='470089'] [quote name='Arcane' date='29 May 2010 - 05:00 PM' timestamp='1275170430' post='469928'] i put yes.... and to make it funny (to me), when they ask how much...i say about 3-5 packs a day... because as well all know, 1 hookah session = 100 cigarettes....but, at least you're cool....... [/quote] Please if you have time, can you explain this. 1 hookah sitting equals 100 cigarettes? How is that? I am just getting started and don't want to be doing something harmful to myself [/quote] according to the who (world health organization) one session of hookah is roughly the equivalent of 100 cigs per volume of smoke produced. (meaning the amount of "smoke/vapor" from the hookah session is the same as what is produced by 100 cigs.) this does not include the particulates or chemicals within the smoke itself only the volume. They seem to have a problem with us hookah smokers so they like to try to make it sound a lot worse then cigs. (they even use faulty methods of testing hookah such as using a consistent draw instead of measuring by the average number of puffs. they also like to add things to there shisha before testing and burn it with excessive coal without a foil to insulate and protect the shisha from burning.) (they often times take cig tobacco add molasses to it and put quick lights on with no foil then say that is what were smoking. I have not read one study done by them that is even half way valid.)
  23. Charley

    You Gotta Be Shitting Me...

    [quote name='F16WarBird' date='29 May 2010 - 11:49 PM' timestamp='1275194980' post='469951'] Where are the Ed Hardy condoms? [/quote] [img]http://www.audigiercondoms.com/v/vspfiles/templates/CAudigier/images/logo-large.gif[/img] yes that's a real poster for ed hardy sex toys condoms and lube.