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  1. ahhhdam

    Hookah Base Mixes

    Cream soda and water in the base with AF Vanilla. Sooooooooooo cherry!
  2. ahhhdam

    Some Of My Rigs

    [quote name='crazyyCurt' timestamp='1304661067' post='508488'] u madeeee that? how. gimme the deets bud, need the deets. [/quote] [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/32161-nammor-rebuild/"]http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/32161-nammor-rebuild/[/url] ianj317 that hose looks awesome! I'm about to pull the trigger on one of my hoses. How long did you make yours?
  3. I only know of one thats active in the forum, Arcane. Lives Salt Lake I believe.

  4. ahhhdam

    My First Hookah. But What Is It?

    Seems like a chinese clone to me (correct me if im wrong). Just wondering, do you live in Hawaii by chance (Oahu)? Welcome to the forum and if you do live on the island, I think it's best to buy shisha/hookahs online. We got a couple vendors that has a coupon code with the forum. On the top of my head: [url="http://www.hookahjohn.com/"]http://www.hookahjohn.com/[/url] [url="http://www.hookahcompany.com/"]http://www.hookahcompany.com/[/url] [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/"]http://www.hookah-shisha.com/[/url] [url="http://www.nazarhookah.com/"]http://www.nazarhookah.com/[/url] These vendors are trusted and have been pretty good to me (shipping not too bad).
  5. ahhhdam

    Very Odd Experience

    Sounds to me you might need to be calling this guy pretty soon [img]http://i.t.com.com/i/lumiere/2005/10/24/7104-7104-20051024_140406-320x240.jpg[/img]
  6. ahhhdam

    Hookah Preperation Help

    I think it's all about heat management and the type of shisha your using. What kind of shisha are you using?
  7. ahhhdam

    Buying Suggestions Please?

    i like SB Citrus Mint, Blue Mist and Kiwi Strawberry
  8. ahhhdam

    Meal And Hookah

    Usually it just a drink while I hookah. But just a quick tip dont hookah right after eating any spicy/hot food. Really effs with your taste buds.
  9. ahhhdam

    Buying Suggestions Please?

    Damn, not much selection when you can only get 1 250g box. Gonna have to get a couple 50g boxes if you want to try out more than 1 flavor. I say Al Fakher Mint if you only choose 1 flavor. But whats more important is what can you get now? and whats in Abu Dhabi?
  10. ahhhdam

    Trumpet Bases And Heat

    I say get a piece of vinyl tubing and zip tie it to the bottom.
  11. ahhhdam

    My Shisha Hurts My Lungs?

    Yup check out the link Incubusratm gave. From what you said you lit your coal and plopped it on top. From what I'm gathering, I'm assuming its a quick-light and that you didn't let it fully light up before taking a puff causing you to taste all the quick light chemical goodness. Next time let the coal light all the way before putting it on the bowl and taking a puff. Also welcome to the forums
  12. ahhhdam

    Boho Thread

    I just snagged this up from Craigslist the other day. The vase came with a cheap chinese stem; but I didn't buy it for that now [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/blum2.gif[/img] [url="http://img859.imageshack.us/i/20110419154808.jpg/"][img]http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/6968/20110419154808.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://img156.imageshack.us/i/20110419154918.jpg/"][img]http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/1439/20110419154918.jpg[/img][/url] I'll also take a picture of what I think is a bohemian that I've had for a while. It didn't have any stickers when I got it, so maybe you guys can help me out.
  13. ahhhdam

    What Bowls?

    You can't go wrong with a standard egyptian bowl. But I think everyone will steer you towards a Tangiers Phunnel bowl, a HJ alien phunnel or a crown bowl.
  14. If the normal hose your talking about is the ones they ship in cheap knock offs then it probably has a metal coil inside. The damage over time would be that the coil will rust up and when the time comes you will soon be getting bits and pieces of that in your mouth when pulling. Good news after that is you get to buy a new washable hose YAY! Or you can mod it.
  15. Was the 2nd hose the same type of hose but just longer? Or did it look completely different? If what you say is true about the 2nd hose might having a wider guage then you could of also sucked up water because of sucking too hard. Because the 1st hose is smaller you couldn't suck too hard because of the restriction of the smaller guage hose. If that being the case as ilikemyusername said just put less water in the vase. Describe the odd pull with the 2nd hose. Was it restricted? If so it might be because there weren't enough holes in the bowl. I have a cheap china acrylic and this happened to me before. The hose it came with the usual ones they give in cheap chinese made hookahs with a small metal tip worked fine. When I used a nammor hose on it I got water in the hose. It was because I could suck harder (that's what she said) and pull the water up and also because compared to the smaller hose I needed more holes up top causing me to suck harder and making a vaccum in the vase shooting water up the hose.
  16. [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/Islamic-Antique-Ottoman-Hookah-/130507415649?pt=Asian_Antiques&NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco)=item1e62d92061#ht_1129wt_907"]http://cgi.ebay.com/Islamic-Antique-Ottoman-Hookah-/130507415649?pt=Asian_Antiques&NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco)=item1e62d92061#ht_1129wt_907[/url] Wow, that thing better give me love after I'm done smoking it. And make breakfast in the morning.
  17. ahhhdam

    Boho Thread

    [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1303116762' post='505884'] Waterspots? Not sure... I know that the topic has been discussed before on another forum, but I'm not sure if anyone ever figured it out. But if you ever wanna sell it, give me a holla. [/quote] Haha will do, if i ever Do all Bohemian vases have the sticker that says its from the Czech Republic like mine does? How can you tell from just looking at it if no sticker is found?
  18. ahhhdam

    Boho Thread

    [URL=http://img705.imageshack.us/i/20110416145648.jpg/][IMG]http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/7205/20110416145648.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Picture taken from Samsung Galaxy S. Sorry for the shotty picture don't own a digital camera. Any tips on getting off the waterspots on the vase?
  19. ahhhdam

    Rare Hookah Owners Thread

    Well here's the picture. Like I said, I don't have a super fancy DSLR or even a digital camera. Shot taken using my girlfriends Samsung Galaxy S. [URL=http://img705.imageshack.us/i/20110416145648.jpg/][IMG]http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/7205/20110416145648.jpg[/IMG][/URL] (Even the guy from A&E is mirin') [URL=http://img831.imageshack.us/i/20110416150016.jpg/][IMG]http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/5241/20110416150016.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Yes, I know they're looking kind of haggard. Haven't been able to come around and do some spring polishing. Also I believe the discoloration on the vase is from the water. I don't know how to get it off. It's like waterspots on your car. Any tips since it's on the frosted part?
  20. As title states, I am looking for a Tangiers mini phunnel bowl. Also I am looking for a KM that is small. I believe I saw them at around the height of 21 or 22". I prefer a brass but will think about silver plated. I have MF and even though I might not have a trade rep here, I have my ebay account if you would like to see that. Please post up your offers or send me a PM. Thanks
  21. ahhhdam

    Wtb:tangiers Mini Phunnel And Km Shorty

    [quote name='mitchard' timestamp='1302965792' post='505624'] This is the only place I have seen with the mini cast KMs so far. They are kinda spendy though. Also, I haven't used that vendor before so I cant say anything about them service wise. http://www.5starhookah.com/ Good luck on the mini search! [/quote] [quote name='dragonflymike' timestamp='1302977849' post='505647'] the vendor is a good one, nothing to worry about. [/quote] [quote name='drozdoff' timestamp='1302979330' post='505649'] [quote name='dragonflymike' timestamp='1302977849' post='505647'] the vendor is a good one, nothing to worry about. [/quote] Alex is great sales guy, I love him. 5stars is my go to vendor. [/quote] I just found out about 5star and I couldn't find any mention of them if they're legit or not. Thanks for reassuring me that they are if I do go that route. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1302990111' post='505668'] just an fyi, expect to pay anything upwards of 40 bucks for a tangiers mini. i was looking to get one at one point, too, and was shocked when i found out the prices people will charge to let one of those things go [/quote] Yea I realize that. Sucks to know that I have to pay a premium for them now when I could of gotten it when it was cheaper. Better to buy it now before nobody is willing to sell one. Still looking for both, send me your PMs or post up your offer. Go ahead, don't be scared
  22. ahhhdam

    Rare Hookah Owners Thread

    [quote name='cotsi95' timestamp='1298708049' post='499617'] Well then mine is SUPER rare not only is it an "og" OG Tri but I also have REAL jumbo bohemian vase. I bought hookah from HC around 3 1/2 years ago, and the vase from eric like a year and a half ago. I know Eric has the only jumbo boho left in retail existence (Mine was the 2nd to last). Last time I asked him how much he wanted for it he said around 160 just for the vase. I dont think i'd ever sell my hookah and certainly not the vase. [img]http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q268/cotsi95/IMG_1350.jpg[/img] [/quote] I haven't been here in a while, but it seems like there's been an influx of talk about bohemian vases and such. But I do believe I have that vase but in a dark blue. I don't have a decent camera at all but I'll try and get some. I'll even take it with my OG tri so we can be twins.
  23. [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/Turkish-Tobacco-Tinbek-Brass-Hooka-Shisha-Nargila-NEW-/120612120348?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco)=item1c150ae71c#ht_500wt_922"]Interesante[/url] What do you guys think about this?
  24. ahhhdam

    Hawaii Smokers Hi

    Living in Waianae, but don't be scared, I was born and raised in San Diego