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  1. I know, I know. That's a rivalry too. Noles and Gators, though is something which transcends the ACC and even the Miami game (pre and post ACC), though tough to have any affection for the Canes either. But, Miami's a close second. Seriously, name a coach you ever hated to lose to or loved beating more than Spurier. Trust me, Brother Nole, on November 28th it'll come to ya'.
  2. Get real. What the hell are they teaching in the religion department these days? The biggest game of the year is, has been and forever shall be the last one on the schedule - the gators! eg, What has ten legs and an IQ of 55? The gator offensive line. Not rivals my ass.
  3. cigarron

    New Saalaam Coming

    Not bad at all. They sent me a sample of the Spiced Chai. Flavor was good and smoke was thick. My first experience with herbal and will likely try other flavors of this brand.
  4. Regarding that nasty taste: check the stem for glue deposits. Hot water and brushing should help.
  5. cigarron

    Bubble Gum

    AF BUBBLE GUM Setup: MYA BAMBINO, EGYPTIAN bowl, 2 CH QL’s, Water base, foil Appearance: Deep red goo Smell: Bubble gum, no doubt about it Smoke: Nice, thick. Flavor: A big wad of Bazooka! And it lasts a lot longer . Buzz: Not this time Duration: 1.5 hours Overall: Well, it’s a neat novelty flavor. Properly marketed they should toss in some football cards. An OK alternative to the regular rotation of fruits-coffees-spices and one of those flavors that I’d use to show off Hookah to a rookie. Not an everyday event though. 8/10
  6. cigarron


    NAKHLA CARDAMON Setup: MYA RAZO, MYA bowl, 2 CH QL’s, Water base, foil Appearance: Large flakes, brown, big stems. It’s Nakhla, albeit more moisture than the line. Smell: Pure spice Smoke: Nice, thick. Flavor: Just like the smell. Buzz: Nah!! Duration: 1.5 hours Overall: 7/10. Nice alternative to fruits and coffees and I expect it’ll be a great mixer.
  7. cigarron

    Mya Saray Bambino

    Neat, small smoker. This one has a pink base and a red stem. Smokes similar to the QT and Razo, and hits about as well as my big guys. Well constructed, easy to clean. No complaints.
  8. cigarron

    Tea Time

    Like tea??? Nakhla Earl Grey. Tea flavor is so strong tea in the base would be superfluous. Lemon or orange on the other hand might be a good compliment.
  9. cigarron

    Alfakher Online

    Same experience as Lysolz. I wasn't around and they just left it.
  10. Also a long term pipe and cigar smoker. Nakhla is what you want for that transdermel hit you crave. Stuie's recommendations are right on. As and addition, for that menthol/mint taste, try the excellent Chocomint. Enjoy!
  11. cigarron


    NAKHLA CHOCOMINT Setup: MYA QT, MYA bowl, 2 3KQL’s, Water base, foil Appearance: Large flakes, brown, big stems. It’s Nakhla, albeit more moisture than the line. Smell: Mint with a hint of Chocolate Smoke: Nice, thick. Flavor: Damn, it’s good. Refreshing. The chocolate doesn’t jump out at you, but it’s there and the mint in this one is very pleasant, not that overwhelming assault you get with Nakhla Mint. Buzz: Slight. Duration: 2 hours Overall: 9.5/10. Consistantly a great smoking experience. I’ve been trying to get this stuff since reading the reviews here, but my local guy couldn’t get it. Mahir (Nazir) fixed that problem and glad he had it in stock (and at a great price). I enjoy this stuff while snacking on my supply of Girl Scout cookies. The balance of the mint in this shisha is very close to that of the cookies. Treat yourself to this stuff.
  12. cigarron

    Got My Qt! Finnaly!

    Looks just like mine and you got it from the same guys. Good little smoker; you'll enjoy it. As for the screen, mine is indented side down (but I stand to be corrected).
  13. cigarron

    Nakhla Margarita

    You know, I can relate to what you're saying about the odor out of the box though I never thought of bathroom cleaner before. Wife complains of a tequila smell to the smoke. However, every once in a while I really enjoy this stuff, especially now with the hot weather. By all means give it another try. The lime and even salt flavors are pretty good.