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  1. 2 months. You better have gotten some heady kickdowns from HC for that ones.
  2. oino

    Starbucks Poll

    I hate starbucks.
  3. oino

    Human Head Hookah

    QUOTE (Ayrity @ Mar 17 2008, 01:25 AM) sorry everyone, kinda forgot about this post haha. im smoking out of it right now, ill get a pic up tomorrow when i wake up.... by the way, if anyone is interested my back portch is open to anyone in tampa who wants to try it out with me! Where in tampa are you at? Near usf?
  4. oino

    Homemade Hoses

    -What else have you tried using for a hose? Go to home depot and buy a 10ft black hose from the plumbing department. -What diameter hose do you think works best? I used the hose that fit perfectly over my old hose end piece. -Is there anything that you found that works well as a mouthpiece on the end of the hose? (are they called mouthpieces?) I use the ones from my old hose. If you look in the automatic sprinkler section you will find everything you should need for this part. ( AND EVEN GREAT DIFFUSERS TOO) -Have you ever tried using an absurd lenght of hose? How well did it work? My hose is 10ft and I will never own a hose smaller than that its perfect. -Also any other random information you have about homemade hoses. Put the hose in a bucket of HOTTT water but not boiling water. It will make it softer and less stiff kind of like what cold water does to me. You can get these plush power cord covers that work good for hose covers. ENJOY IT!
  5. oino

    Air Flow/drag Ideas...?

    The perc isnt the main water filter. The perc is a secondary water contact point. There is actually 3 tubes not 2 and the tubes also diffuse the smoke through 6 slits in the tubes. Its hard to explain. I would post a picture but it wouldnt fly with the rules. So all I can tell you is to look up roors or PHx's on google. Or just search percolator on google vidoes or something...
  6. oino

    Air Flow/drag Ideas...?

    You could put a peculator in the stem some how. But the smoke has to come from the bottom.
  7. oino

    Smoking In Wi

    Aw man I use to live in West Bend WI. I live in florida now and I fucking miss snow days.
  8. Hey bubba. Let me in on this! Ill do some video reviews and taste comparison between the different kinds.
  9. Why do you get a medal for being a lawyer.
  10. I have a 10ft hose on my MZ. I got this black tubing from home depot and it works great. It actually doesnt even seem that long . Ill take pictures when my girlfriend gets home she had the camera.
  11. http://current.com/items/76300542_nuclear_ambition The guys towards the beginning are hot boxing their car with a hookah. Its at about 1:55
  12. oino

    I Don't Know Why Im Selling This :(

    Does it come with a hose? Ill give you 50 for it due to broken base.
  13. oino

    I Challenge You!

    I saw one of those the other day at a flea market.
  14. Rayver I called you like 3 times today. Damn I wanted in on that session. Its funny because I was right down the street all day. Oh well next time.