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  1. QUOTE (Nirguna @ Jun 13 2008, 12:17 AM) QUOTE (MatthewLee @ Jun 13 2008, 08:10 AM) I'm not surprised. Place looks mad shady from the pics they have on their website. And I love this line : "Holly screwed up, he took it out on the wrong person." Great, so now I have visons of some female getting verbally destroyed by this character. Guy sounds like a real piece of work. p.s. I've already read all the 'dick riders' excuses for this guy, so please don't repost and try to convince me otherwise. And you seem to have made up your mind without considering the other people who have had nothing but great dealings with Neal. The OP has had his issues resolved, Neal has apologised for his conduct to the OP. Move on. Yes it was unprofessional - however - unless you know the whole story, I'd suggest you just keep your opinions to yourself. Want to purchase your supplies elsewhere? Fine. Do so. It's a free country. You however seem like you have your own agenda against him. @ Big Boss - this time (as far as I know) yes, he was raided. He's also been robbed recently (by a previously trusted party) of a few thousand dollars i was there both times and it hella sucked.
  2. QUOTE (liquidglass @ Jun 6 2008, 11:19 PM) But honestly, once that diploma is in your hands, it doesn't matter what your grades were, no one cares. Law School does or any reputable graduate school.
  3. nitrousconsumed

    New Logo

    QUOTE (mdl @ May 28 2008, 02:23 PM) QUOTE (questions @ May 28 2008, 12:33 PM) QUOTE (mdl @ May 28 2008, 01:24 PM) What's the theme of the tobacco? Any specifics to use as a jumping off point? What image do you want to tobacco to portray? i would like to see something sexy...inviting.. maybe a girl with a hookah..outlines..less is more..ask away...please -a I was thinking more along the lines of the name first and then I think creating an identity/logo will be easier. 2nd that
  4. nitrousconsumed

    Drunk Posting

    it's quiet in here!!!!! the rape goblins are out, run for the hillss!!!!!!! fuckn pxies.
  5. road kill, think about it.
  6. nitrousconsumed

    Just Got Back From Vegas

    QUOTE (Nirguna @ May 22 2008, 11:50 PM) QUOTE (nitrousconsumed @ May 23 2008, 02:44 AM) his bff stands for 'best friends forever' try his deej and bj and candy queen fruit loops is quite easy to make No - it doesn't oh, then idk what i'm talking about. even though im in his lounge every weekend and helped him make some of those flavors, but back on topic.
  7. nitrousconsumed

    Just Got Back From Vegas

    his bff stands for 'best friends forever' try his deej and bj and candy queen fruit loops is quite easy to make
  8. nitrousconsumed

    Work Pics!

    My daily grind: [These pics were taken last weekend.] I had a few pics of our 'Pole-A-Palooza' contest, but idk if that violates site rules [no nudity, just bikinis].
  9. nitrousconsumed

    Fruit Loops

    from experience FL usually smokes really well- big clouds, thick smoke, and great flavor. so maybe it was a shitty bowl. I also smoke it out of a mya, qt to be exact.
  10. nitrousconsumed


    it's a nightclub; their gimmick is them having hookahs and that's about it. it's always packed and they make their money off of admission and drinks. it's actually a pretty cool place, but too small for my liking.
  11. nitrousconsumed

    Fruit Loops

    smoke it out of a regular bowl
  12. nitrousconsumed

    Drunk Posting

    starting in an hour
  13. nitrousconsumed

    Drunk Posting

    alright: 1. im drunk, 2. i've been drinking vodka/tonics and vodka/red bull 3. i'm working 4. i need to drink some more, 5. im typing this from my fucking iphon, 6. you guys are hella tight, 7. this is a long fuckn list, 8. HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING OUT THERE?! 9. umm....try neals candy queen, and fruit loops, and soon he'll have three new flavors which will BLOW YOU AWAY! trust me, i'm helping the process of development with him and these flavors will be SICK! 10. my name is bryan and i work at JET nightclub so if any of you ladies wish to come by and are hot ill be happy to accomidate you, maybe. (i cannot spell)
  14. I do not see that much of a difference, I believe there was a post here some time ago that discussed the pros and cons of shiny side up and someone mentioned that there's only an 8 point difference between heat retainment. To me that is not a problem considering I use a wind cover which helps conserve heat, but, to each his own I guess.