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  1. Cybersist

    Polishing Hookah

    QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Apr 26 2009, 01:59 AM) sperm works well, spread it evenly, let it dry to a haze and with a DRY washcloth, rub till it shines. wtf thats retarded
  2. My hands are covered with burn marks... not all because of hookah though, just most
  3. Cybersist

    Ever Calculated Your Cph

    Cocos usually last around here for two weeks. Just to round up ill say I smoke once a day. On average I just 5 coals for a session, give or take depending on longevity, people, etc. Doing some math, I'd say that I smoke on average 16 bowls every two weeks. As far as tobacco, 750g lasts two weeks... so 45g bowls... As for CPH, i dunno lol
  4. YES!!! Im due for another order anyways
  5. Cybersist

    Tarbouch Mediterranean Grill

    Went to check this place out a few nights ago, figured I would write a review. Atmosphere: 4 out of 5. Definitely a restaurant feel, even on the patio outside. The lighting was dimmed and the TV had Musica Arabica on (best channel ever!). Volume was just high enough to hear, but you could still talk over it. Hookah: 5 out of 5. sans price, everything about the hookah was excellent. they serve starbuzz, which many people seem to think is crap, but I like it from time to time. All hookahs were either Mya Dionysus or some KM, all kept clean and water changed often Service: 4 out of 5. The service was pretty good. nothing to complain about Food: 5 out of 5. The food was excellent. I tried the Falafel and the Baklava Price: Sucks. The hookah alone was $17 and the Falafel was like $8. Our bill was almost $40 for 3 of us....
  6. went last night, ill post a review tonight, nice place.... a bit expensive though
  7. Cybersist

    How Is

    I got F-line passionfruit..... its pretty awesome, but I think the regular would be more enjoyable
  8. Cybersist

    Mya Obelisk

    i love the Obelisk, my friend also has one and its strong, and has an easy draw, but costs a small fortune
  9. Anyone have any opinions on Tarbouch in Alexandria, Va? I plan to go Thursday night and from what I've read, they seem to be pretty good both in the food and hookah department. Starbuzz so I hear
  10. Cybersist

    Do You Have A Shisha Rule?

    1) If you are sick, or have been sick recently, or have a communicative disease, stay away from my good hoses. You might be allowed to use the cheaper hose. 4 port hookah ftw 2) No NHT in my hookah. 3) If you think its burning, let me know and I will determine the problem (half the time its not....tangier noobs lol) 4) I pack the bowls, ensures correct packing as to not waste my tobacco. That is all
  11. Cybersist

    Best Hookah Bar In Dc?

    I was at the Prince Palace a while back (I think it was Georgetown, near the canal) and it wasn't bad at all.... but its hit and miss
  12. Cybersist

    Tobacco Prices Going Up

    ill go ahead and stretch my legs and back then
  13. Cybersist

    New Lucid Flavors At H-s?!

    QUOTE (Boricua @ Mar 10 2009, 02:59 PM) Ok so I guess I'm going to bite and order a few lucids. Suggestions are very appreciated. I'm ordering three and I'm debating from the following: -Spearmint -Apple -Cocoa -Orange Soda -Raspberry -Kashmir Cherry Any others I should consider? Unfortunately they're out of Horchata.... the one I wanted to try the most. Every time I try to order the Lucid horchata it doesn't work out lol Yea, they said horchata should come in in a few weeks, but its definatly worth the wait
  14. Cybersist

    Most Expensive Hookah?

    Ive been looking for the hookah forever! I love the design, but I am not paying 1500 for something I wouldnt smoke out of