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  1. Florida Smokers Fl

    Tampa here, in Tampa Palms by USF. If any one has their tangiers skills dialed I would really like to meet up, I can never get it to smoke quite right!! Shoot me a Pm if interested ~Drew
  2. I just got a few boxes of exoticas in, and I am noticing that they are ashing a very dark (almost black) ash as opposed to the normal grey/white. Anyone else notice this??
  3. Bambino Base

    yeah.......lol, somethin like that. I actually broke a QT base using hot water and decided to use a bambino as a replacement.
  4. Bambino Base

    I talked to H-S and they got me squared away. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know where to find a Bambino replacement base?
  6. Jack Daniels Hookah

    thanks, I was so stoked it fit.
  7. Jack Daniels Hookah

    Sorry its sideways
  8. Jack Daniels Hookah

    Hey guys, I've lurked for a little while now and figured I'd start posting as well. I recently ordered a bunch of stuff from H-S and I recieved the free mini mya with the order. So I was looking around the house and spotted my 1984 "Inaugural" Jack Daniels decanter and the mya stem fits perfectly.... What do you guys think?