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  1. Favorite Starbuzz Mixes

    I've tried mixing a lot of the different starbuzz flavors and have some really great bowls and some really bad bowls, but I'm starting to run out of ideas for new flavor combos... So what are your guys' favorite mixes... My recent favorite that I have been smoking lately was fuzzy navel wild mint but now i'm tired of it
  2. Orange Bowl!?!?!?

    I have use both oranges and apples I do it every now and again it adds a bit to the flavor. It's not too hard either just mesyy... I have also seen a pineapple used at a local hookah lounge... i didnt get to try it but it looked pretty cool
  3. Peanut Butter & Jelly Tobacco

    that sounds like it would be hit or miss either real good or nasty.... but i'm hoping good cause it would be a sweet flavor
  4. Fuck Printers

    Dell's are the worst and dealing with dell customer service out of warranty is the worst experience. And the always seemed to break 3 months after warranty is up... never fails
  5. I Have 3 New Flavors

    i had the same thing and i couldn't smoke as bad as it sucks i would really say just take ur meds and don't smoke cause the second i started feeling slightly better i started smoking again and i just made it come back worse... maybe just try em all right now sit down and do a long session and try all three then maybe give it a rest til you are completely better. Its tough i hated the whole time i had it and when i got it back after it slightly went away it sucked even worse... i would just try em and give it a break you'll get better faster and back to smoking quicker
  6. Neat Idea

    That's not a bad idea I got a few cobras with my first hookah i might have to try that.
  7. Ps3 Owners?

    I got one in the dorm I'm addicted to Live 08 I see ya got the warriors pic hit me up if you want to play
  8. Foil Pattern With Mod

    QUOTE (SimplexCoda @ Mar 17 2008, 09:55 PM) basically the same as the scalli mod? yea kinda its just a cap its pretty much the same thing just not as well designed
  9. Foil Pattern With Mod

    QUOTE (SimplexCoda @ Mar 17 2008, 09:48 PM) I dont know, but what is a tealight mod? its a mod made from the aluminum base of a tealight candle
  10. I just got a tealight mod for my phunnel do I use the same hole pattern as I would if didn't have the mod???
  11. Rekindeling A Bowl...

    try maybe taking just a little off the top layer and add just a little fresh shish. thats what i do with non tangiers shish in my phunnel and it stopped any different tastses... if its tangiers i just mix it up and its fine.
  12. Tangiers Help

    QUOTE (Scoop @ Mar 16 2008, 10:08 PM) thin and harsh are key signs of being underpackedi agree when i used to underpack it thats is exactly what would happen to me it would work fine right away and then just get horrible... and i also dont think your holes are too small i use even bigger than a toothpick and it works great just make sure u have a lot a lot of holes thats what really fixed mine was more holes
  13. It's Raychel's Birthday Today!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. 4 2 egyptian 2 mya
  15. i have one that i use when im not using my phunnel bowl and i don't think it's bad it gets the job done