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  1. Havent posted in a while, i've been busy smoking and enjoying the Australian summer . This last week it has been over 30 degrees each day.. lots of ice in the hookah! Here goes what I ordered to keep the stock levels up! from Al Fakher Online... Al Fakher Special Promotion Ultimate Hookah Pack 1 incl.. 26' Al Fakher Hookah & 21 sampler pack of Al Fakher 50g also i got some of their coals to try from Hookah Company StarBuzz 250gms of X on the beach, Watermelon & Marlette Tangiers 250gms Peach Iced tea and since i was in a good mood i wanted to try some other coals... so I got... Exotica Square Finger Coals, Smiley Coconut coals & my favourite Golden Hookah Jap coals Anyways will post some pics to show you how it all arrives here downunder. Cheers QBN
  2. quickbyname

    Australian Smokers

    Melbourne wooooo!
  3. quickbyname

    Who Are Your 3 People?

    1. Cameron Diaz 2. Ali Larter 3. Lindsay Lohan Pants Optional. Maybe chocomint or... 1. The Ghost Busters 2. The KFC Colonel Sanders 3. The chick i met at the pub today something from SB Edit: Part 2
  4. As the title says, but im having trouble on selecting tobacco from tangiers and layalina. I've read the reviews, but for some reason the impression i get is that Tangiers is a tobacco for the more advanced smoker... i had the same feeling with layalina. Is it just me? So whats a nice flavour to be introduced to these brands other than apple if possible? Cheers QBN.
  5. Totally agree with gaia and the king with this one, Phunnel bowl with Scalli mod, its a great mod with a great bowl, and its hand blown by a glass blower for what 30 bucks? Its hand made!!!! Customize what colors you want when you place the order... cause i know you will!
  6. quickbyname

    Shisha! Whats The Best?

    Im really getting into StarBuzz Grape (im sure theres better) at the moment cant keep away from it, and its giving me great results and i only have been smoking for 3 months. Good taste, Good Smoke, Great Times
  7. quickbyname


    Whats the best shisha when you have the flu? Gimme everything you got, blends, liquid in the base, the works baby! Summer time in Australia and i have the flu Cheers QBN
  8. QUOTE (The Messiah @ Dec 11 2007, 04:20 PM) Damn, I missed the porn!!! yeah im bitter about that too!
  9. i do hope it works out for you, its just that this pack hasnt for me, although i did try it again just b4 with nakhla orange and it was a little better
  10. Yeah, very nice order indeed
  11. there intant lite charcoal imo, was overpowering when i lit it, i will go as far as saying not even soex intant light gave off that much smoke. I broke one of the belgians in half and got about 15mins out of it b4 it turned to ash.
  12. I agree with gaia, i've got the mya bambino and its smoking like a rockstar, try and get the heba defuser, thats been a little miracle, but theres also plenty of mods you can make really easy, but yeah bambino all the way baby!
  13. belgian charcoal instant lites.... dont wast your time or tobacco, bin it. so you know what it looks like http://www.belgiancharcoal.com