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  1. Hookah Madness...

    breaking out the hookah was such a good way to meet people in college.
  2. Theres a good group of people in the DC area who get together on a fairly regular basis to smoke. Let me know if you would like to join.
  3. Drop her like a hot coal on a white carpet
  4. Where To Buy Scalli Mods?

    QUOTE (RingsMaster @ Aug 18 2009, 10:23 PM) id just wait till MNH comes back Im impatient
  5. So I'm onto Scalli Mod number 4... they're slippery when trying to clean. Only things Ive ever broken though, so I should consider myself lucky. The only place I know that sells them is MNH, but I don't think they are back from their move yet. Anyone know of any other vendors that carry them? Thanks!
  6. First Run-in With Police

    I brought my QT with me for tailgating the OAR concert I went to last weekend. The parking lot was crawling with regular and undercover cops busting all the underage drinkers, but not a single one said anything to me. I was a little sad.
  7. The Great Debate! For Guys And Girls!

    For me, I prefer quality over quantity. I definately prefer a nice pair of perky round B cups to some saggy DDs. Can't speak to the 2d question, except that Ive heard anecdotally from girls I been with that it doesn't really matter, and that yes, there is such a thing as too big. I watched an *ahem* adult movie with a girl who had never really seen one, and she was shocked that they were so big. Her words: "that would just be too painful to enjoy." Everyone is different though. Ive been with girls I couldn't even get all the way into and girls that it wasnt a problem at all. *shrug* Definately prefer real tits to fake ones though.
  8. No Flavor With Starbuzz?

    So youre getting good smoke, but no flavor at all or a bad flavor?
  9. Hookah Campout - Dc/md/nova/wv/etc - Jun 12-14

    I will be a lot more free after I quit my job on Aug 21st.
  10. I'm pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
  11. Fixing Hoses Possible?

    I used epoxy to fix mine.
  12. Scalli Mod + Lots Of Shisha

    Ive got 250g of unopened Nahkla mixed fruit if you are interested in a trade.
  13. Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    If anyone is going to be around on the 4th, I am going to be throwing some deliciousness on the grill. Burgers, dogs, cilantro-lime pineapple and shrimp kabobs, and bacon-wrapped figs. Plan is to BBQ some, drink a few beers, break out the hookahs, then head to Arlington Cemetary to watch the fireworks. This would start around 4 or so.
  14. I'm Done...

    I have a bunch of unopened Nahkla I want to get rid of. PM me.