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    www.Blowos.com (Blow O's) is a new site with an innovative design. Currently, they have a New Years Eve Hookah/Smoke Tricks Contest running and the winner gets a brand new hookah of their choice and 6 months worth of shisha and accessories! Check out: http://www.blowos.com/blow-os-contest-rules.html For more details. I guess the Contest ends Dec. 31st, 2007
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    Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter never ceases to entertain. I think she is a horrible snob. I came accross this interesting video.... It so happens The Smashing Pumpkins named thier latest album this... Zietgiest. www.zietgiestmovie.com Check it out.... i promise the first 15 mins will blow your mind..... Now THATS some Food for Thought!