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  1. bubbascigars

    New Herbal Shisha

    Well I refuse to buy this shisha because the name try's to imply it is like a hydroponci style . and that gives hookahs a bad name. I like smoking a nice traditional hookah. I don not like it when people look at me crazy when they see me smoking a hookah or know I smoke hookah. Thats my 2 cents worth. Plus after trying soex need I say more. Bubba
  2. bubbascigars

    Happy Birthday Bubba

    Put some Red hot coals on the camel toe see how it smokes man QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Dec 17 2008, 05:48 PM) happy bday bubba still want some camel toe man...I'm driving three hours tonight to get the other form Are we allowed to make our own bday threads
  3. bubbascigars

    Happy Birthday Bubba

    I made my own thread since Mush doesn't remember me anymore other than that I always think of my great friends on the forum. I have been so overwhelmed with recycling the electronics that it takes all of my time up. I will be smoking more hookah now in the winter. I enjoy the hookah on cold days better for some reason I don't like hookah during summer months. thanks again to everybody for birthday wishes. Now that I am old person it is just another day no parties or dancing or any other fun stuff I did in younger years. Just a dinner and a few cigars and a piece from my woman and watch tv and sleep . Later Bubba
  4. bubbascigars

    Happy Birthday Bubba

    Its my birthday YE I am a very old fart now. 38 hello to everyone. Your friend Don Bubba
  5. bubbascigars

    Anyone Trried Bionic Tonic ?

    Anyone in las vegas area tried out Bionic tonic yet? I am just curious because I purchased a large portion of stock in that company and they do not sell the product here in illinois yet. I here it is good but I know my hookah friends will give me a honest no holds barred opinion. Later Bubba
  6. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Sep 25 2008, 10:33 PM) good to see another member with a love of firearms like my own, you polish the slide on that bad boy yourself ? No My glocks are all polished out in Miami by a friend that is a gunsmith he polishes out and customizes glocks. Looks good doesn't it. I am going to get a tye dye glock next a little 40cal inside the pants gun.
  7. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    I have a mini glock 40 and a full size glock 40 and a taurus 40 and a mini taurus 9mm and about 30 more toys. and my gas mask is always ready plugged into my hookah hose This looks just like my fullsize glock 40
  8. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    Well luckily that was not the trouble I was having they always wanted hookah tobacco my problem is they didn't appreciate good prices and trying to compare me to mail order and also just rude and arrogant. Hell I can be a snob if I wanted but no sense in it doesn't get anyone anywhere at all. As far as the board goes no problem with anyone on this board everyone here is always great and fun to talk with. I am still around just not much time to chat anymore. As far as having to have a gun out no I use a inside the pant holster with a 40 cal in it and I am a big guy with a very short fuse and everyone knows that. Snoopy can vouch that the majority of the people didn't try funny stuff here. Ok gotta go do my monthly sales tax now YUK !!!! Later all Bubba
  9. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (Dom @ Sep 20 2008, 10:02 PM) i'm sorry to hear that, man. i know you have probably been told this before and i know that you probably don't want to hear this, but i used to get headaches and i still do even when using the best coals if i smoke for too long. but i used natural wood coals for a while and even when i tried to smoke and smoke for hours on end to try to see if i could cause a headache, i got none. i'd smoke constantly all day and not even a hint of a headache. canary goldens are what i use now and no headaches either so far. maybe just something to keep in mind. i'm just glad that you are not abandoning the hookah altogether. it's good that you've put your foot down about those punks, man. nice. good luck with the cigars, and thanks for staying with us on the forum. edit: i re-read the thread and realized that maybe you don't mean literal headaches. sorry. lol. i hope you excuse me. i've been drinking ale. lol. sorry. Hell I don't even feel my head or face when I smoke SNoopy can vouch for that he said and I quote " BUBBA I HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS FROM A HOOKAH ANYWHERE ELSE" I think it is the water here at my building because I get ripped bad also. so does everyone else that smokes here.
  10. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Sep 20 2008, 09:49 PM) Bubba, totally sucks man. Can we still get some of your awesome PB&J tobacco. I just ran out this week was going to PM you later for some more Yeah no problem I will continue to sell the pbj. I am not that evil. I just do not want to let strangers in my haven here. place your order whenever you are ready ok. and put a not in so I know its you bud. Thanks Bubba
  11. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    My friend snoopy the door is always open for you brother and you know that goes with out any say so. You are always welcome. I wish we could have hooked up and bbq this summer. well cold weather isn't here yet brother. We need to smoke some hookah and eat bbq. Hey the lounge is my private office now. I have the coolest office around if you ask me. Later brother Bubba QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Sep 20 2008, 12:24 PM) QUOTE (bubbascigars @ Sep 19 2008, 05:53 PM) I am quitting selling hookahs way too much headaches and the customers are a pain half the time. I will still smoke hookahs every now and then but no more hookahs to sell I have no idea how mush can keep the young clients in line they get rude and very demanding and cheap. I will stay with my high end cigar clients they are a pian enough but they spend $100 plus per visit. I will still come to this forum on occasions to visit. and Snoopy is still my hookah smoking homie !!! later Bubba OH YEAH BUBBA! I will still come visit you soon. I bought a home and I close on the 25th. Good luck with your cigars, they are very tasty!!
  12. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (Tati @ Sep 20 2008, 12:46 PM) Sorry to hear that Bubba! Hope youre doing well. Tati I will still get to your area to smoke with you some day you are the sexy hookah smoker. Plus you are a Bubba fan so you are cool
  13. bubbascigars

    Questions About My Ghetto Hookah

    QUOTE (hippomania7 @ Aug 28 2008, 01:00 PM) Well, I'm almost done with my ultra ghetto hookah, but I had questions. Here they are: -What can I use as an ashtray? Is one of those styrofoam plates alright? How bout a few layers of tinfoil? -See right where the stem meets that rubber piece going into the bottle? Can I seal that up with epoxy or is that dangerous because of the fumes or something? -What do you think of the cloth to insulate the gap between the bowl and the stem? -I can't get my hands on a real bowl untill next week, but for now, what would work better- this red bull bowl or an apple? I am adding my 2 cents worth to be ghetto all the way you need some bubble gum holding something down on the hookah man. Very cool idea I like it Later Bubba
  14. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (MechAnt @ Sep 19 2008, 06:11 PM) Damn Bubba, I'm sad to hear that man. Little punks have no manners. At least you have your higher end cigar clients and your recycling business to look forward to and take care of. Thanks man yeah the recycling is taking in and disposing of over 5,000 pounds a week thats a darn good amount and pays the bills nicely. But like I said I still hit my hookah every chance I have to sit down and smoke and I do have hookah smoking friends.
  15. bubbascigars

    I Quit

    QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Sep 19 2008, 04:57 PM) That's sad to hear, any hookahs you still have in stock that you are looking to sell ?! Nothing fancy. I will still have hookah party with friends and good clients. a couple of students from the local college are the ones that ruined the hookah lounge for the locals. Then the idiots at the local college wonder WHY DOESN"T PEORIA HAVE A HOOKAH LOUNGE?? Well let's see every lounge that opened closed for the same reason rude ass cheap foul mouthed punks.