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  2. Lol, what is your avatar from?

  3. >This savory tasting smoke, made by the same producers of Starbuzz, is super sweet with long lasting flavor >made by the same producers of Starbuzz, is super sweet with long lasting flavor > Starbuzz, is super sweet with long lasting flavor > Starbuzz So, basically you're getting a tin or SB and the right to call yourself a douche? Still cheaper than an EH tee On a side note I was expecting flavors like Dom Perignon (aka White Grape), Hpnotique (aka Blue Mist), etc.
  4. erufiku

    Mini Phunnel.

    Hi there, I have a mini phunnel for sale It's authentic, brand new, never been used. One of those that IV got made for us way back when. I got two since the shipping was so steep. Price is CAN$30, ie. half of what I paid for the two phunnels+shipping+paypal fee. Pickup anywhere downtown Montreal. I don't post anymore so call me: 998-4205, you know the code
  5. The only people I give money to are buskers, mainly musicians.
  6. erufiku


    Dude... your post per day average is higher than NoB's. Pot calling the kettle black much?
  7. erufiku

    Night At The Movies

    I go every week... running out of things to watch though District 9: A+ Fresh concept, good cinematography, finally a movie where CG looks natural. Not sure if everything made sense but it was good enough for me. Might go see it again when I run out of new movies. Inglorious Basterds: A The whole premise is plain wrong, but it's an entertaining popcorn-flick. Pleasantly surprised by Brad Pitt. Too bad all the characters are flat. 9: B Amazing CG, but the plot is paper thin. And the ending... what was the point exactly? The Informant!: A- Entertainment that lets you wiggle the brain... but just a tiny little bit. I was laughing out loud at the corporate intrigues and agent 0014. Solid performance by M. Daemon, as expected. Oh yeah all the rating are high cause I don't go to watch shitty movies (check rottentomatoes before heading out). Next week: Zombieland ^^ Also 2012 looks amazing in terms of visuals.
  8. erufiku

    Oedipus The King

    I would just print this one out: http://www.tiglo.co.uk/a-funny-essay-on-oedipus/ I mean, hey, the guy passed!
  9. Well you know the thing about universal healthcare... it's like having a black hole in the budget.
  10. erufiku

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    I is waiting fer mah mini funel. Pic related.
  11. Lighten up... it's just the handle. When I opened my KMU I actually found it hilarious that they'd use newspaper to make the handles. Anyway I agree with you, it's a dick move of KM to charge that much for their hoses, cause they probably pay pennies to the people who make them.
  12. erufiku

    Hold Hands And Pray

    Wouldn't worry about it just yet.
  13. Depends... right now I got around 2kg sealed and 3 tubs opened. /snickering at the imperial system
  14. erufiku

    World Bank/imf Protests?

    QUOTE (Vladimir @ May 2 2009, 08:08 PM) Has your science teacher ever defended gravity on the basis of consensus? How ridiculous would it be if we were taught that gravity is real because "most scientists say it is real." That right there is proof alone, you can't PROVE global warming to me, so instead you try to use consensus science which is hogwash. Funny you give the example of gravity. There's actually some scientific debate on the nature of gravity to account for the (as of yet) unexplained bahaviour of some celestial bodies and even man-made spacecraft. Just goes to prove that nothing is really certain. That being said, when talking about global warming I feel that it's better to be on the safe side, even if it turns out to be "hogwash". I'm convinced that if it weren't for the big carbon dioxide scare, alternative energy sources would not have seen much development.