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  1. Soup

    Exploding 3 Kings

    I have bought several boxes of three kings coals and have never seen one explode. I have seen the jet flame out one side and it's not unusual for it to "pop" and lightly detatch the convexed top of the coal. Hookah scars on clothing and body? Yup! Inevitably everyone pill pick up what you thought to be an extinguished coal. All I have to say is "MOTHERF*CKER!"
  2. Soup


    Some form of pimpin' pirate. Why? So I can offically use the phrase "I am a love pirate, hand over your booty!"
  3. Soup

    Any metalheads on here?

    ok...lets run through the list...and if you don't like it, bugger off. Arch Enemy (can't believe no one named them) Bile Corrosion of Conformity (can't believe no one named them) Disturbed Dope From Zero Kamelot Motograter Mudvayne Mushroomhead Nightwish Pulse Ultra (can't believe no one named them) Rob Zombie Six Feet Under (Graveyard Classics 2) Slipknot Soil Spineshank Static X Stone Sour (can't believe no one named them) System of a Down Taproot (can't believe no one named them) Twisted Method
  4. The absolute worst was these coals i picked up at the pot store. They were about the same diameter as the bowl, gave off way too much heat (even half a coal), and every puff tasted like quicklite dust.
  5. Soup

    Screen or Foil

    [quote name='Tangiers']I think we can safely say that foil wins...obviously foil is the best.  [/quote] You need a 2/3 majority vote to claim a true victory. ...Denial: not just a river in Egypt!
  6. Soup

    Sahara Smoke

    South Smoke has those types of hookahs in their modern hookah section. Check them out.
  7. I never let it get that harsh to cause me to cough.
  8. Soup

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    Lumpyfart actually had my original intention for the thread right. I wanted to know the story behind your nickname, not the username. People generally have better nicknames than usernames. Your reputation has just been ruined...PS ...HA! Lumpyfart.
  9. Soup

    Do you believe in God?

    Very good, Ghost. Religion is just a set of morals and values (common sense, really) that the perticular region it was founded in deems right, or, acceptable.
  10. Soup

    Screen or Foil

    First vote for screens. Too bad Tang.and Anpu...foil is metal too.
  11. Soup

    Do you believe in God?

    [quote name='sanguinesolitud']God is a concept that is so foreign to me that it seems nonsensical.[/quote] Exactly! God is a concept. God is an idea. Satan is also an idea. There is no real God or Devil, just the capasity inside us for both good (which we call God) and evil (the Devil). These capasities were given names and histories by the creators of Christianity. The concept of God was a good concept, but like many other concepts, it didn't turn out how it was intended. [quote name='sanguinesolitud']I dont see how the concept of an all powerful god who created a planet full of pets and tries to get some of them to tell him how all powerful he is while killing others off for fun.[/quote] God is not killing people off for fun, people are doing it. For their belief in God, they kill eachother and theirselves. This is what went wrong with the concept of God. Since when does a holy, peaceful, caring being desire the deaths...the blood...of those who do not follow its "divine plan"? Why is it when God talks to you and tells you to do something, it is called being a prophet, but when the Devil does, it's called possession? [quote name='sanguinesolitud']some people believe in the bible as absolute truth.[/quote] [quote name='sanguinesolitud']so this absolute book was made from many separate books put together by the catholic church (oh and they had no bias to include what they liked right? just like the catholic church now has no political preferences)[/quote] Most christians believe the bible to be the absolute truth. They can't seem to see the stories included. It is absolutely obsurd. It's like starting a religion based on the Grimm's fairy tales. They both have the same style of stories in it. The only difference is one is accepted as just stories. The bible was just penned to keep the rich rich and the poor poorer. Tith, my ass!!! I can't say the world would be better if there was no religion...I can't say it wouldn't.
  12. Soup


    The air valve on my bros hookah died so we plugged it with silly putty, my friend not remembering about it tried to clear the chamber. Water came up and over the bowl...tobacco dead, coal most definitly dead. In a lame attempt to finish the bowl we busted out the blow torch. Not a good idea
  13. Soup

    No Jobs

    [quote name='Lakemonster']10 applications is a rather small #.  My first real job was the result of around 30 applications submitted. I got 2 calls... and one of them was a month after the fact.[/quote]Same here...30 applications dropped off and i finally got my first job at a bakery. It sucked. I quit one week later because I was offered a job by my friend to work at Subway with him. Six months later I was fired. Two months of unemployment, 30 more applicaions, I finally got another job...in the Zellers Resteraunt. I quit a month later because I was offered a job at Bentley (purse/luggage store) by my cousin who is the manager. That, and it sucked horribly. I hate the food industry!
  14. Soup

    ITT Flamewar.

    [quote name='DarthHookah']whats wrong with ITT? they have such nice training facilities, and theyve helped many people get good careers started in technology.[/quote]I hope you are being funny.just for future reference...ITT =/= a tech instituteITT = In This Thread
  15. That would work for heating them up, but you will burn them out much faster.