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  1. The Devils Playground

    Issues With Service From Dpg/worldhookah

    OKay in Hollys defense/ ours. Holly does not pull a tracking # until the box is on the way out. This is the second one in a week now. Yes I have not ready any further then this but this is the second missing package in a week. I am sure Holly is sending them because she does it in this order. Oulls down a copy of the order, Then she packs the order and addreses it or I have to get more of the item and it gets packed and labled. At that point and only after the item is ready to go out does it get a tracking/ shipping #. We expect Usps to take a few days to get it in their system. This is common they are slow. bUt whats not common is we have 2 missing packages this week. Both shipped at the same time. Maybe not the same day but from the looks of these days same week for sure. Heres what I think is happeneing. I think either someone that helped walk a bunch of packages out to the car for us ( we ship 20-30 packages every 2 days or so) dropped some in their car also when we were getting more packages. I started to type here or they are getting stolen between the drop point and the and the main post office. But that more then likely can not be because I am usually there as the USPS guy picks up the packages. And I am sure Steve ( the usps guy) did not take them. he has shown 0 interest in Hookah and knows we are a smoke shop and only ship hookah releated stuff. I will talk to some of the other big shippers that go to the same place this week and see if they are having issues also. I am sure its not that. If it is I will commence to going somewhere else to ship. If it stops (I will personally haul my packages by my self to the car) then we can conclude that someonoe helping load my car is the thief. It would have been easy enough to steal them on the way to my car if thats what happened. Either way all the missing packages will be reshipped from us. No extra charge to the customers, They will go priority and more then likely have Insurance on them. I have been on the losing end of mailorder and I know what its like for a shipper to say hey we shipped it tough luck. So I refuse to be that shipper. I have not read anything yet but the main post. So for those of you bashing us. Slam away, I am sure it will make you feel better. To those they defended us and said Hey Neal and Holly have been slammed but will make it right. Thanks as always you are right. On a Happy note Holly just asked for a part time person to help watch the shop so she can better do the mailorder. On a side note or 2. #1 the shops are for sale. As soon as they get sold we will take a week or 2 off and move and start up fresh focused full time on the mailorder. #2. The Saga continues: We got raided this week. The state tax guy came in and removed everything he could find. They took all the Fantasia, Fruit loops, etc... I will make a post with full details on this in the next day or so. The computer is a nightmare to sit at at the lounge and my comp this 1 is here at the shop. Anyone calling me keep a small note in mind. The shop is now 10am-midnight 702-396-6662 My cell is 702-572-2224. I am awake until 3am-5am every day. Yea it sucks. If you call the cell please remember before noone to 1pm I am not hearing a phone. I sleep through everything including but not limited to that cell. Just so you guys know. I better get ready to close this shop up. Its 11:38am here. I will see what I can do on getting on the forums more. I will see what I can do about making the lounge more comfortable to set at the computer so I can sit there and Peck away at the keyboard. talk to you guys soon, Neal
  2. The Devils Playground

    Issues With Service From Dpg/worldhookah

    The package has been sent out the tracking number is 03071790000227466903.the reason way the site says it was shiped on memorial day was becuse we dont update the site all the time. Here in vegas u can go to a post office 24 hours a day and ship but it wont go anywhere till the next day. The usps tracking numbers dont work all the time,yes that is bad cause it make me look like iam lier and iam not. I will resend u the package on monday.. hopefully it will get to you without any problems..
  3. The Devils Playground

    Issues With Service From Dpg/worldhookah

    QUOTE (lyingsideways @ Jun 7 2008, 04:57 PM) First off, I'd like to say that I am not posting this to badmouth the company, as what has happened is probably just an honest mistake, however I have attempted to call Neal several times with no luck, and sent quite a few emails within the past few days, as well as a PM here on the forum, and have not gotten a reply. All I am trying to accomplish here is to garner Neal's attention so hopefully he will address my issue. I placed an order on May 25th, 13 days ago, and have yet to receive it. The DPG website states that my order was shipped on May 26th, which was Memorial Day, so that seems a bit odd itself. Given that the 26th was Memorial Day, and that Neal ships via USPS which operates on Saturdays, today is the eleventh business day since my order was supposedly shipped. I had been trying to call DPG for the majority of this past week to get a tracking number, and once I was finally able to get in touch with Holly, she gave me a tracking number, which came up with no package in USPS's system. I assumed that I'd copied it down wrong, so I called back to get it again, and Holly gave me the same number which yielded the same result. So now it's been 11 business days since DPG states they shipped my package, but USPS has absolutely no record of the package ever being billed or shipped. I've emailed the company, sent them a message here, and tried to call, but I've had no luck. All I want is an honest answer about my package, or a refund if its been lost, or was never shipped in the first place. If the package still hasn't been shipped, I think I'm entitled to a refund. I spent a good amount of money on this order, and this is not the kind of service I would like to support. Neal, I hope this got your attention. I have heard from many others that you run a great business, and I'll agree that your prices cannot be beat. I'd like to shop with you, and I hope that maybe there is a mix-up somewhere. Please just work on fixing it with me instead of not responding to my emails or PMs. My order number is #434, incase you read this. Thank you.
  4. The Devils Playground

    New Romman Tobacco Packaging

    Not to bash tem. Well anymore then I do daily when people walk in and ask for it and I show them everything else but and they never walk back over to diversity. I smked it on a trip back from parumph. Not taste. I was like okay waste of money and its just old. I have now smokedit at 3 conventions and you know what I still wont smoke it. Hell I will not even sell it yet. When they get something thats starbuzz quality I will look at it. But until then don`t expect it to be sold on my shelfs. I sell Nakhla and its not on my shelfs if that says anything about how I feel about the line.
  5. The Devils Playground

    J & R Hookah - Email Spam - Warning

    I do mass emails also. ust so everyone knows. Oh can you say BCC? We do not slam out very many. And best of all if you do not email us or buy from us we will never email you. lol That and not being in Texas we are more reputable then other states that are the second biggest state in the union. I wish the wpuld have emailed me . lol someone ad me to their list. Hey still got that email? I would love to spam that list. lol Imagine an email from us saying how shaddy they are.
  6. The Devils Playground

    Af Peach...

    Yea af Peach is amazing. sold 40+ boxes in 24 hours. its an amazing smoke. Yea I agree with Mush Starbuzz is in more trouble then they can realize with the new brands in the making. They either need to lower the prce or be ready for a couple home grown USA brands to crash their market and be cheaper. But for now Starbuzz still owns the market.
  7. The Devils Playground

    Washable Km Hose?

    Great idea. Finally a post that did not iritate me today. I may just be in a bad mood after yeterday but I am not a happy guy this made it alot better.
  8. The Devils Playground

    Notice Anything?

    Okay its official. Smoking hooka is as bad as Alchol. How else can you explain that video. If I ever start doing that I will sober up and stop smoking Hookah. That was really disturbing.
  9. The Devils Playground

    New Romman Tobacco Packaging

    Yea thats like Polishing a turd. Its still just over priced tobacco in my opinion. I think they need to realize its still just to expensive.
  10. The Devils Playground

    Khalil Ma-what?

    Okay after loking for 10 minutes I finally found something to respond to. Wowe I am not in the mood obviously. Kahlil Mamoon does not have a proper English Translation also many parts are made in differnet factories. So to get a pan from one place ( farmed out work) and a Base from another place say actual KM makers you will get some common misspellings. But these are all real Hookahs. I know HC got a person wanting to return his KM. If you are this person realize not only is it real but al if you get one from us its the same and real also. He called KM and spoke with them on this to make sure all was real and accurate and we spoke about this is why I am able to comment on this 1.
  11. The Devils Playground

    K M' S

    I will say what I always say. Smoke what you like. Also if you can only afford a generic egyptian then thats whats best for you. Make sence?
  12. The Devils Playground

    Just Saw Roommate's Hookah

    Like I always say. No good deed goes unpunished and theres a great example of it.
  13. The Devils Playground

    Zensilk Takes The Rest Of His Life Off.

    Dude when I got kicked for a bad pic. I just rolled with it. Whats good about it is it tells people why so they do not make the same mistake. Also lets say a Mod over reacted we can speak up and get the mod to reconsider the ban. Mine was Just i screwed up I talked to mush as well as a few members and realized I screwed up big time. It was just a pic but you know what It was a pic that should not have been posted. If i had just got a warning I may or may not have thought it over. Back to the subject if a member just disapears we can not lerarn from the mistake he made. Mush is as a rule right on the money for suspensions/ bans. bet you never thought you would hear that from me. QUOTE (rezaomar @ May 23 2008, 04:22 PM) What is the purpose of telling the whole forum that someone was temporarily banned?
  14. The Devils Playground

    Important Message

    I as most if not all already know we are a vendor. We have not been overly active lately because we have been slammed big time. On the other hand when we are not busy we try and pop in. Call it spamming cool. I get a chance to spam the boards? Way cool. Or look at it the way they want you to look at it dude. Vendors if and I mean if they know what they are doing can be some of the best people to have posting. We can tell people when their hookah sucks why. Is it because its chinese crap or did they get a cheap chinese hookah that can be amazing if you do this and that?! Kings lets us post on here out of professional curtesy. They do not have to let a single vendor on here. When they were having server bandwidth issues I tracked them down. called them and offered to pay for more. Why did I do this because it was the right thing to do. they were shocked since I seemed to be the only vendor offering to pony up some cash for them. Did they need the money? No and did not take it but atleast i was thankful enough to have a place where we can interact with the customers. I don`t agree with letting kids on your account 1 wrong flaming and they could ruin you. But if you just post 5-10 Items every few days I am sure the staff here would appreciate it as much as the buyers since they see you as active. Also they will know you know you know what you are doing as well as think wow they took a little time to just say Hi and see whats up. I use HF and other forums to see what the customer is thinking I have been slammed lately but decided to get my butt on here and let people know I am still alive. Don`t die on this forum dude make a few honest post and say Hi to a few customers. I hope you are still around to read this. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 20 2008, 06:13 PM) Once again, an attack on the forum from a vendor not following through with what they agreed to do when we allowed them to post as a vendor on the site. The rules are quite clear and easy to follow, as is evident from the numnerous vendors who DO take the time to participate. Several other absentee vendors have received the same notice, this is just the way it works. So if you want to play the victim because you folks don't want to follow some simple requirements, don't blame it on us.