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  1. Damnit man. That same bull happend to me! Was in Idaho snowboarding, some of my "friends" decieded they needed some "free" shisha and coals. I knew exacly who it was when it was gone. Shoulda beat the kids ass. But I just used my words like my parents told me too . Find out who they are and kick they're asses though, cause my words didn't work - they did it again. Its coming for them this time. Sorry to hear this man.
  2. Patzke

    My Hookah.

    QUOTE (Alle @ Mar 12 2008, 07:51 PM) Ok, ok, I lose. But look at what I have to work with. Smaaaaaalllll hookah, and sub-standard shisha. hahah small is NOT bad! I smoked a Mya Bambino, about the same size, and man was i happy with the smoke she cranked out. I realy like the pumpkin - and it's a great hooakah. Don't rush out and buy another one, enjoy that one. Happy smoking!
  3. Patzke

    Mashal Problem

    Superglue, or wax is also a good option, but i feel that if the metal heats up and cools down - you may have a problem with it "breaking" off.
  4. QUOTE (EternalSoil @ Mar 12 2008, 09:16 AM) what is this "pack it down like tangiers" crap?!?! I pack mine exactly like i pack tangiers.. Which is not "packed down" BAHAHAHAH i'm with you on this one, EternalSoil. I feel there is no right or wrong. Theres no science to it. I get great smoke everytime, heres the procedure: Have a washed, clean hookah. Get your phunnel bowl put shisha in it, foil, coal, if it doesn't smoke put more coals take the coal off if it burns. I think everyone makes it a little more complicated than it really is...
  5. Patzke

    Great Base Liquid

    QUOTE (shoresidejake @ Mar 11 2008, 10:28 PM) nope. not really... you do mix it with water though. that does sound amazing. where in the world do you buy sno-cone syrup though? Online i would assume.
  6. Patzke

    Funnel Bowls

    They make a noticeable amount of difference in all areas ranging from taste to smoke quality. The only draw back is the amount of smoking it takes to actually smoke through the bowl. Because it is rare that i have a 2+ hour session - it's rare that i use my Funnel. Other than that - i love it.
  7. Patzke

    Layalina Favoirte

    QUOTE (oolatec @ Mar 10 2008, 08:53 PM) Vanilla and mint make great mixers. Their lemon is quite tasty too. Becarful with lemon if you dont like super strong flavors a lot of the lemons that i've were really super strong and had that "yuck" taste after about 30 min
  8. Patzke

    Pink Lemonade

    QUOTE (HookahDude831 @ Mar 10 2008, 05:20 PM) dude just dont be a pussy BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA you sound JUST like all my friends. if you complain about ANYTHING "shut up you pussy" pink lemonade rocks, though.
  9. QUOTE (sars @ Mar 10 2008, 10:25 PM) I use lemon juice and water. Louis Vuitton baby. Gotta love it.. Yeah it seemes fine to me - i just wanted to make sure theres nothing wrong with lemon and ... rubber?
  10. If this question has already been asnwered - reach through your screen, out mine and slap me for not finding the topic/post. Anyway, just bought a Razan hose, had the first session with it - and i must say it was very nice - and now i'm wordering how exactly you clean your hoses. I put lemon juice, water and dishsoap into a little bowl, sucked it through, and back out, and then back in, and back out, etc. After that i ran some water though it and it seems to be okay. Is this an acceptable way of doing it? Is Lemon juice okay for 'washable hoses?' Thank you much in advace. Happy Puffin'.
  11. Patzke

    Should I Smoke Tonight?

    what the hell kind of question is that??!?!?!??! "SHOULD I SMOKE?" to hell with the conditions, that is NOT an acceptable question. Assuming that you smoked - how was your session?
  12. Just finished a bowl of Tangeirs Kashmir Peach. Was superb aswell.
  13. Patzke

    Used Hookahs

    as long as you're smoking tobacco out of it, there's no reason they have to check it for "it." If that makes sense...
  14. My friend known as "Hungry Hungry Puffers" on the hookah forum here just recently bought one. Impressed with it. Great buy.