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  1. so i was at this little work party the other nite, and a friend of mine is like, hey, do you guys want to go to Swing State? I had no idea what this one, so she says those 4 beautiful words. "It's A Hookah Bar" ...a what? A hookah bar she says there is a hookah bar which is less than 10 minutes from work!!!!!!! so we went, and it actually was a pretty nice place. not classy and hoighty toighty, very low key, friendly, young crowd. they don't have any big name shishas, and it was obvious i knew the most there about hookahs * from who i talked to at least. Hookahs are 8$, after that new bowls are 5$ and most drinks are a buck. they do alot of local bands there, so the crowds differ from night to night aparrantly, last night it was pretty Emo/Punk, but the guy who takes care of the hookahs said that it's quiter on weekdays alot of hot chicks there too, which is always a plus, so yeah, i fully intend on being a regular, because this is just what i need, another place to throw down 15 dollars a night. *sigh*
  2. Bushbr

    Troubles With Tdp

    i never suggested Neal get banned. i know that just aout everyone has had good experiences with him. The one thing that mainly bothered me is the fact that they did not inform me, i found out by clling them and inquiring wh my card had not been charged when they had said it would ship out that day. as far as I see it, they had no intention of informing me. and did not apologize for any inconvience or try to salvage any sort of face. the biggest factor was the way i felt as if I was being pushed aside. I dd not feel like a valued customer, but more of a nuisance. I do not wish to see TDP banned in anyway, and i know it won't happen, because they are a valued member of this forum. I hope they continue being active on the forum, and serving the hookah community in a positve way as they had, i just hope nobody has a simular experience. which is why i posted my experience, so that Neal may read it, and not let it happen again to another customer. /thread
  3. Bushbr

    Troubles With Tdp

    QUOTE (ZenSilk @ May 21 2008, 11:00 AM) QUOTE (Bushbr @ May 21 2008, 09:54 AM) QUOTE (ZenSilk @ May 21 2008, 10:51 AM) Lot's of other places to buy a bambino though. very true, but they had the best price, and although i did want a bambino, now im probably going to have to wait a few weeks if i want a bambino, or get sumthin else for a simular price, but get it sumwat soon And ohh yeah, you are right. Why don't you have it shipped to your house? i work all week, and my parents do not aprove of hookah, and i don't like inconvienceing my friends by having it shipped to their place *i dont need a sermon on how i should tell my parents
  4. Bushbr

    Important Message

    QUOTE (SafeSearchOff @ May 20 2008, 08:30 PM) honestly, i disagree with they way this situation has been viewed, but ill have to trust your guyses decision. +1
  5. Bushbr

    Troubles With Tdp

    QUOTE (ZenSilk @ May 21 2008, 10:51 AM) Lot's of other places to buy a bambino though. very true, but they had the best price, and although i did want a bambino, now im probably going to have to wait a few weeks if i want a bambino, or get sumthin else for a simular price, but get it sumwat soon
  6. Bushbr

    Troubles With Tdp

    QUOTE (mushrat @ May 21 2008, 10:41 AM) They dont check age if the package is sent usps or non-signed for ups or fed ex. I think who ever it was didn't understand what you were sking for really, since it isn't exactly a common thing these days, and just said "NO" either as an excuse for it not being shipped already or because she had no real idea what you were talking about. Easier to say no than get the facts for some people. Besides, with General Delivery you HAVE to show a photo ID to be able to pick it up. seems even MORE secure to me really... thats exactly what i thought, add that to it not being shipped to my house which is what i want, and not having the most reliable letter carriers, who often deliver mail to our house thats not even adressed to this city. i figured getting ti sent directly to the post office was the best way to go about it, but there was no attempt at compensation for my trouble, no apology for not being able to do it, and a general feeling of being blown off and not a valued or respected costumer. I work with in costumer service myself, and know how costumers should always be treated, and quite frankly, i was not treated that way, so i am taking my buisness elswhere.
  7. Bushbr

    Troubles With Tdp

    i contacted the post office, and learned that if "General Deliver" plus city state and zipcode are put in the adress then the package will be held for me at the post office to pick up when i am ready. I was told by *im assuming Holly, do not know for a fact* that they could not do that. They never called to tell me that, I had to call them after a couple days noticing that no charge had been made on my acount. I just was not satisfied with the service, and am currently looking other places for a nice small, sumwat reasonably priced hookah.
  8. I know that Neal is an active member and everyone has good things to say about him, but i recently had to cancel my order from TDP because i was told they could not ship to "General Delivery" per my request. I placed the order last Friday so that it would show up by tommorow, just in time for my birthday, but now, seeing that is not possible, I guess I am going to have to go with a slightly more expensive website that will in fact ship it where i need it shipped. Or see what my local shop has, i think they had a Bambino for 60, it's a bit mroe expensive, but i can get it now. I was suprised by this...unsatisfactory service after hearing such great things about Neal and TDP, and I hold no personal grudge, I am sure that TDP is a wonderful buisness, and do not wish to discourage anyone else from shopping there. Maybe, some day, I will try again.
  9. Bushbr

    Important Message

    QUOTE (mushrat @ May 20 2008, 07:51 PM) *sigh* so you violate another rule by using a second account to get around a ban...... Now 2 banned accounts. im just wondering, call me devils advocate, but is that really using a 2nd acount to get around a ban? it was his personall acount as apposed to his vendor acount. it's not like he created a new acount to get back onto the forum, he just used another one which he has had for a while. just my little musings, given with respect, but wonder.
  10. QUOTE (antouwan @ May 20 2008, 06:24 PM) QUOTE (StarCuzz @ May 20 2008, 01:06 PM) <br />km hybrid = $100.00<br />heba diffuser = $10.00<br />3 250g al fakher = $25.00<br />tin foil = $5.00<br />coals = $10.00<br /><br />= $150.00<br /> <br /><br /><br /> wat the hell dude? did your computer just have an orgasm?
  11. First off, Welcome to the fourm make sure you read all the rules befor you dive too far in, we aren't strict, just particular but ya, you dont wanna clean the hoses from hookah-shisha with just running water, inside will rust. nammors and razans can be washed that way, dunno bout traight leather ones, but there are good plastic ones you can wash easy as spit. so yeah, hope that was a help
  12. Bushbr

    Nicotine Vs. Non Nicotine

    QUOTE (melanko @ May 20 2008, 06:53 PM) Phh, thats like getting Non-Alcoholic beer. What's the point? +1 ./Thread
  13. Bushbr

    Inhale Brand Hookah

    yeah, my shop in town sells these. they're like good TOY-hookahs. fully functioning, looks pretty, but not for the big boy smokers. not that they are bad quality...they're par. and is a decent starter hookah. not for that price mind you
  14. Bushbr

    Important Message

    shoot, hire some kids son, to be the active voice of the forum. give him the password, and tell him to chat and pal around with us, and leave all "fiscal questions" to us. be cheap, stay in the forum, get better known by the newbs edit: But yeah, it is good that their extending the discount. thats good form.
  15. i can't tell my parents. I have a heart condition, and am the youngest of four. They would never understand me smoking. I'll let them know a few years after i move out. and can we not have with the preaching on smoking and heart conditions. I've heard it all, dont care.