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  1. well, i did it. and yet again, i got the buttered popcorn flavor. oby and i both! we tried it with the bounty and origanal coconut, bounty is a choclate cocunut flavor though and choclate is not really a favorite of mine but the origanal, did. and we had company that also tasted it. it is a very sweet tasting!!
  2. tabookah4

    Colored Smoke?

    well me and my business partner make hookahs, if you are interested in l looks prices and other info such and designs email me at tabookah@gmail.com and i am not to worried about staining mine, i will experience with random shit like fuits and food coloring and post my outcomes,
  3. well if this has anything to do with it, we were drinking flavored hard alcohol, 99 bananas, bacardi limon, burnetts raspberry vodka, and drinking corona, so if it was the drink it deifantly was the flavor of the drinks... somebody try this... maybe i will tonight...
  4. tabookah4

    Colored Smoke?

    they used a realy red vitamin water?!
  5. So some friends of mine were telling me about crazy stuff they did and got pink smoke from the hookah, does anyone know of any other way to change the color of you smoke? cause the would be sweet!
  6. This is for real, i was well over the edge that night but it was for sure buttered popcorn, i don't really care for coconut and it was amazing, but i have yet to try it sober