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  1. insomniac950

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    QUOTE (supersubby @ Feb 28 2009, 01:46 PM) Best places are : Ali Babaas Carthage and Lux these places offer the best service and are the most authentic and you get what you pay for. lux also has very wide range of tobacco selection, he serves everything from nakhla to tangiers and owner is a gem Lux is up there but I wouldn't put Carthage and especially Ali B's in the top notch category. The owner of Ali B's has no concept of good customer service. It was decent the first year it opened but $$$ also leads to owners not giving 2 craps about the quality of hookah. Hubble, Nice Nights, Noon, and House of Hookah are probably the best places in the city in my opinion. Samah is also very inconsistent with their service and its pretty annoying when you have a person coming in your booth every 5 minutes to tell you how much time you have left.
  2. insomniac950

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    QUOTE (rrrrramos @ Jan 9 2009, 06:11 PM) I just moved back to Oswego. The only somewhat decent lounge I've been to around here is Dhuwan but I've yet to venture into the city yet. Anything worthwhile within driving distance? there are quite a few places in the city if your willing to drive down. Hubble, house of hookah, and Sigara to name a few. Check out www.hookahchicago.com. They list pretty much everything in the Chicago area
  3. insomniac950

    Chicago Lounges

    There are many great lounges not many people know about....If your into a more classy/casual atmostphere, I would say Hubble and Nice Nights are the best places. At Samah's your experience gets ruined by the people who keep reminding you every 5-10 min exactly how much time you have left. Lux Chateau is also another well run place with quality hookah and tobacco. House of Hookah is a nice place but you have to call in and make reservations on the weekends. Their latte's and variety of teas are excellent as well as their hookahs.
  4. Yep without a doubt Cleopatra sells the cheapest Starbuzz tobacco in Chicago for 250 grams...$15.99. I was there yesterday and also got a couple of bowls for $2.50 each. Can't beat that.
  5. insomniac950

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    I'm kinda disappointed Guess doesn't have their lounge anymore. They moved to Lincoln Park and now they're only a tobacco and sheesha store.
  6. insomniac950

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    Arabia is absolutely horrible for sheesha. They got limited flavors and honestly if your not there for the entertainment, you can find many hookah places better than that.
  7. insomniac950

    Chicago People

    QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Apr 16 2008, 12:31 AM) dhuwan hookah (lisle and chicago locations) been to the dhuwans as well
  8. insomniac950

    Chicago People

    QUOTE (supersubby @ Apr 15 2008, 09:36 AM) theres exhale and inferno... check out lux/ sahara in lombard Been to all those. I guess I'm looking for something that has opened within the past week or two or something that will open soon.
  9. insomniac950

    Chicago People

    QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Apr 15 2008, 09:07 AM) Come down to Bubba's in Peoria next weekend. I am going then. Peoria is a bit of a drive....if I lived closer I would have considered.
  10. Have any new hookah lounges opened up recently?? I know Schaumburg is pretty much the new hookah district but other than that any new places?
  11. insomniac950

    The Official Stock Thread

    If your gonna do stocks right now, energy and oil along with consumer staples is the way to go
  12. Watching sports and smoking hookah at the same time is my thing......quite relaxing
  13. insomniac950

    Chicago Hookah Lounges?

    QUOTE (supersubby @ Mar 11 2008, 11:09 AM) thereee we go that sites the shit. totally tru about the reviews haha I run that site with a few people.....nice to know that people are actually noticing
  14. insomniac950

    Ice Bubbles

    QUOTE (Canon @ Mar 18 2008, 11:18 PM) papertowl/foil tubes work very well too, much bigger bubbles Yea thats what I usually use. It gets kinda soggy after a while but it definitely gets the job done.
  15. insomniac950

    Cleaning Disgusting Hookah

    lemon juice, baking soda, or even rubbing a half a cut lemon will do the job.