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  1. dude3516

    Amtrak Security?!

    "Blackwater. Shoot! Shoot Again! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! Questions are for pussies!"
  2. wow....we should be friends heheheh my lord that thing is huge though...freakin rediculous
  3. dude3516

    Fs: 4 Different Hookahs

    I'm afraid to ask but....how much are shipping charges to Orlando Fl heheh
  4. dude3516

    Fs: Custom Mya W/ Extras

    prices on this stuff??? I might snatch some of the Starbuzz if u will sell seperately from the hookah.
  5. dude3516

    I Loooove My Baby!

    OH snap, good lookin boy ya got there....Payton Michael...sounds like a football players name hehe
  6. dude3516

    Trade For The Brave

    ....$5 shipped
  7. real quick wanted to add, that the use of a sterling engine in the vase would probably make the neg pressure i was talking about. Basically put a small piston in the stem, and the engine itself runs off of simple difference in heat, hot or cold. So it would make a continuos light draw on the stem, and probably work wonderfully. http://www.stirlingengine.com/
  8. If you could make a small negative pressure in the vase it wouldn't matter as it would draw smoke from the head until filled. Or just rig a vacuum to it
  9. dude3516

    Hookah On The History Channel

    QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Feb 8 2008, 02:50 PM) I wonder if there was O P yum in its history... I'm gonna be doing a research paper on the hookah subculture and possibly the history, this semester...a need to know Fun fact, the word Assassin was actually derived from Hashish, people would "Show them heaven" and then have them kill. That's why I was really shocked when I was watching a roomy play assassins creed and the Master Assassin told an underling to "Show them heaven, brother"
  10. dude3516

    New Hookah

    Yeap, I get to see the ole' boy sometime friday or saturday, gonna break in that new hookah, and I'll be sure to post pics of the event.
  11. So my best friend of some odd 14 years enlisted in the Marine Corp out of Highschool (I nearly follower suit). Anyhow he was recently deployed to several areas, most notably good ole Egypt, where he received a rather large care package from myself containing various cigars, cigarretes, and a Wooden pipe with atleast a pound of tobacco. In response he bought me a Hookah while he was there. I should be getting it this weekend, and will post pics and let ya know how it smokes. W00T I'm excited! P.S. He is back in the states, safe and sound, and is Hand delivering me this package himself when he comes to visit me at my new pad.
  12. So I find myself with a little chunk o'money in the bank and wanna get myself some new hoses. Nammor seems to be all the rage, but if I can't find those what would be another recommendation you guys have for hoses? I want something with a good pull to it, my current hoses aren't very good about that.
  13. dude3516

    Xbox Gamertags

    I'm in for clan as well, lvl 53 going for prestige suckas, once again the tag is SniperXt3m
  14. dude3516

    Any Hookah Happy Techies Here?

    you can run more than 4gig on a 64bit OS......of course you almost never need more than 4...but then again I tend to run 3 instances apiece of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  15. dude3516

    Any Hookah Happy Techies Here?

    AMD 64 X-2 BLACK Edition 3.2 GHz no OC, 6 Gig of RAM, SLI 8800GTS (just becuz I can ) AND a Projector....fuck monitors 64-bit XP Media Center...becuz I wouldn't give vista to someone I hated