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  1. Hi everybody i just drop in to say hallo to all shishahoolics and old friends, the trip to thailand was great and i came home in one piece but have been busy with alot and still are but i still find time to have a nice smoke . I found a street with alot of hookahbars in thailand so that was not a problem[img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley17.gif[/img] anyway i hope you all doing ok and i hope that i will have more time to follow the forum again but til then -take care and keep smoking[img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley20.gif[/img] Alen
  2. [QUOTE=ataneja]my mom is from thailand, i love it so much - hi there ataneja i dont think we had say hallo before may i ask if you been there many times ? and maybe you could recommend some nice places beacuse i will go back in october again
  3.  hi guys now im back in sweden again and trying to live normal again -thailand was really someting i can recommend very nice people the food is very nice and cheap too since i been married to a asian im kind of use to it so there were never a prob for me but i saw many falang screaming after water lol but as they say a good chili burns twice lol - i was in the shisha street nearly every day so there was really nice just to sit and smoke and just looking at people go by i saw many thai women smoke but no thai men the brand was often al fakher or nakhla - i have some pics but i havent move in yet in my new apt but ill try to get it asap - the street was about 200 meters long and full of pipes and people so a smoke and a falafel was not far away and the price for a smoke was about 2.50 $ and a kebab or a falafel was 1 $ so no price to talk about but the price for tobacco was as same as on the net - ill try to get you the pics its not so many but i hope you will like them so til next time kap kun kap from Alen
  4. great to see you all guys no white butt cheeks ill promice but i meet a half thai and half arab girl in the beginning who showed me the neighbourhood the stuff goiing here is al fakher apple or grape im home again in twoo weeks i got pics for you bouth on shisha street and my little guides good damn this girls are really to much -pics comind up dont worry old farts - Alen
  5. hi there all dudes who remember me - long times no see everybody -im sitting here in jomtien thailand and just having a great time i go down every evening to pattaya and go smoke shisha in the arab neighbourhood i have some pics but send them when back home again -and for all you oldfarts x rated version comes on the pm later ha ha ha ha  -take care all smokers of the sacred - bye for now -Alen
  6. Hi guys just wanna tell all that maybe missed me for awhile that allright just busy finding a smaller apt no worries here i havent felt so free for long nothing bad about the old lady shes been good many years so cudos to her-when in place again and im connecded ILL BE BACK promice dudes and thank you all for samples that i will try when i found my hookas lol -take care and stay well everybody Alen  
  7. alen

    Word from Alen.

    i mean of course one who helps a friend in need is a friend indeed of course -sorry
  8. alen

    Word from Alen.

    couldnt in my wildest fantasy think that i would find so much support here but you really are a super bunch of amazing people things like this happens- but i never tought that i had so many caring friends thank you i gave away the s-g to a friend today after been sleeping with it for three days beside me in bed and it just beacuse of your nice words i cant thank you enough you are real friends a friend in need is a friend indeed - really love you guys first all health problems and now this (ioannist knows what its all about and all you old friends can pm him for info if you want otherway your welcome to pm me thank you -thank you -tank you for all pep i shure needed it youre a great bunch of friends sorry for getting of hookah everybody and for breaking all new rules
  9. alen

    Word from Alen.

    if you only know how much your words mean to me -thank you  
  10. alen

    Word from Alen.

      when thinks looking better and i know what i should do and how i will manage this loss i promice to come back and give all info if im strong enough but in this moment i have only my 12 gauge as my last resort but it would be to drastic even for a black soul as me and when i see all nice things you wrote who can say godbye to friends like that - love you guys and i know that after rain comes sunshine thanks guys thank you very very much-i never ever thought something like this would happen so im in a big chock right now (ioannist your cd goes over and over right now and in really glad i have them thanks)
  11. alen

    Tangiers reviews

    sweden is far away but i really would be on your list - mmmmm butterscotch Alen
  12. alen

    Merry Christmas

    well we celebrated christmas yesterday here in sweden -we celebrate the chrismas eve with presents and eating a big ham insted of turkey and a smorgasboard filled with way to much food  but i know that you celebrate it on chrismasday so therefor happy chrismas or chanukka or what ever your origin is anyway a happy holiday and lets hope the next year turns out a little better(i doubth it but hey lets be optimistic) take care and be nice to youre fellow people who isnt so lucky to have a family or home Alen
  13. alen

    wut coal do you use?

    just now im using the star coals and a brand called pegasus otherwise i have a big supply of noirfingers but im kinda lasy so when my quicklites runs out i will order a box of three kings next time Alen
  14. i know that my english isnt the best but i really hope that you ask me what i mean if you dont understand what i write- i am not sitting with a dictionary when i write my post i have tried to learn by myself and if you see some major mistakes please correct me otherwise i wont learn since i skipped school a long time ago- and this langue some of the young guys use is really f**king it up for me beacuse for the first i am not so good on computors and i know nothing about this Eb6-u4ylj3u stuff and i havent nobody that could teach me either so as sariel and th most of the guys say -write in english please(otherwise i maybe begin writing bad jokes in swedish on all of my threads)hope i dont upset you to mush with my use of emotions i use them just to show im happy to be here with all of you good guys(hope i made myself clear) Alen
  15. [QUOTE=jmexx]Haha, I love it. I'm sure tang's kidding, although I've met a LOT of Americans who believe I (who lives in Montreal) and my family live in igloos and wear the fur of the animals I eat. He also asked if us Canadians went to school. yeah and we swedes get chased by wolfs and polar bears on the way to work and school  everyday i once meet a japanese guy at a bar one evening that was terrified that it had got dark outside so erarly and he asked me if it would be safe for him to walk to his hotel i told him that it the safest way was to take a cab and that the cabdrivers was armed for things like that(true story)