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  1. Ooph

    Sup Guys

    I almost forgot a practically brand new tin of Starbuzz Guava also .
  2. Ooph

    Sup Guys

    Juicy Peach Kashmir Peach Orange Soda Passion Fruit
  3. Ooph

    Sup Guys

    QUOTE (PhishPhood @ Dec 28 2007, 11:19 AM) Too bad you're in india and I can only imagine that shipping to the US would be about as much as the package itself Haha, nah I dont live in India. I live in the US, Baltimore MD to be exact. I am from India however. I will not be splitting the package up.
  4. My hookah in the recent months has caused much problems in the house, I must make an adult decision and end it (while im still living in someone elses house ). I know I made a post a few days ago about selling my tangiers...but I am going to be doing a cheap package deal with all my hookah stuff together. Package Includes Red Nammor HoseMNH Large Glass Funnel Bowl (With Scali Mod) I custom made it to have red swirls.Mya Paragon (Used this thing about 4 times before my hookah days came to an end)WindcoverCarrying bag for the Mya Paragon3x Boxes of Brand new Exotica Coals (1 box is opened and has 2 coals missing)Portable coal burner for the Exotica coals.4x Tubs of TangiersHeba Diffuser's1 Red and Black Mya standard hoseAssorted Nakhla flavors (got like 4 of them or something practically brand new in ziplock bags)Tin of Starbuzz Guava (250g) I packed 1 bowl with it, still plenty left.I will post a finalized price (should be in the 200 dollar range). I will also post pictures and I am accepting verified paypal only (for obvious reasons). Thanks for reading, will post detailed pictures in the trade section of this lovely forum. I guess my visits on these forums will be minimal until I am able to smoke again. Thanks to everyone who has given me a great deal of hookah knowledge, I will cherish it for life.
  5. Ooph


    QUOTE (Dom @ Dec 19 2007, 10:15 PM) that really sux, bro. maybe instead of taking your hookah away, they should say, "well, damn. i'm sure this whole thing has taught you to be more careful. in fact, son, we should light the thing up right freakin' now!" prolly not going to happen, though. lol My step-dad is an ass. What ever I will always have this hookah and will have it when I move away from home. So instead of good bye hookah ... see you soon
  6. Ooph


    QUOTE (PhishPhood @ Dec 19 2007, 09:10 PM) Were you hiding the fact that you smoked from your parents, or you just expect them to take it away because of the fire? They took it away cuz of the fire... lol
  7. I guess shisha from my previous bowl had some embers from the coal on it. I put it out in my trash-can to go clean my hookah, and my step-dad comes running down with a flaming trash can. There is no way I can get out of this one lmao, good bye Hookah...until I move into student-housing or something. Anyway who wants some Tangiers, my cousins cant smoke the stuff but I got like 4 flavors sealed up 200 grams of each flavor atleast is still left. Passionfruit Orange Soda Juicy Peach Kashmir Peach I can work out a deal of some sorts lol.
  8. Ooph

    Premium Membership

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Dec 19 2007, 06:05 PM) QUOTE (mushrat @ Dec 19 2007, 08:01 PM) In your profile page..i think there is an "upgrade" button..not sure.... ah, you also get to chose your own title that shows up in the sam eplace your post #'s show up in... Sweet..I will get one by next week for sure .
  9. QUOTE (avtomat @ Dec 19 2007, 06:05 PM) thank god you said that, my paragon just got here today lol, i was worried I might of went with a bad one Nah the Mya Paragon is a beautiful and solid Hookah. It is usually owner flaws when a hookah isnt working properly, enjoy it.
  10. I am tired of trying to use this fancy bowl, especially when I cant light exoticas in my house anymore. So recommend me a nice looking regular bowl. .
  11. Well I found out my problem. It was the lack of water in base...was filling it too little. Works fine with the standard mya bowl.
  12. Ooph

    Premium Membership

    QUOTE (EternalSoil @ Dec 19 2007, 12:36 AM) I guess they heard you Mush! How do you get this? I want it .
  13. QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Dec 19 2007, 01:50 PM) if the purge valve wasnt tight, then tht is why the smoke was thin..even if the jar fills up with smoke thick you will still get tiny clouds so make sure it is tight and that the ball bearing is in there Yea I will do this next time. Also, with the mya paragon the ball bearing is lodged in there I dont think it will come out if it wanted too .
  14. Ooph

    First Hookah Bar Trip

    QUOTE (camelflage @ Dec 19 2007, 01:29 PM) QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Dec 19 2007, 01:35 PM) Yeah I started adjusting the coals and this guy who didn't speak English very well saw me and came running over "nanananaanannANANnnananananANn!" And i was like.. ?WTF? And he took the tongs and put them in his pocket and went away. So i got up and found the guy who looked like he was in charge and asked why i couldn't move the coals. He said "We cannot trust the customers moving the coals because of incidents invlvoling hot coals and broken bases." I said "Dude, i know probably quardruple the amount you do about hookah smoking, atleast let me move the coal out of the middle of my bowl..." and he says "No, you are not a trained employee, so I cannot let you dabble with the hookah." So i say "Do you evenknow what style of heart this hookah has? Do you even know the difference between Common and Traditional Chambers??" And he goes "All hookahs are the same as that one." ans i say "Wow, and I'm the one dabbling with hookahs..." And then i sat back down and no one came to move the coal so i did it with my finger. They leave the coals in the middle of the bowl so Noobs think it's finished super quickly. I bet they even pack it just in the middle of the bowl.... his bar, his rules. if you weren't satisfied you should have just left. getting up in his face and talking about how much more of a hookah expert you are will likely get you kicked out quicker than it will melt his 'customers hands off' policy. He paid for the session he should be able to mingle with the coals how he likes. I hate Hookah Bars, they are all cheap scum bags pawning off nakhla for a 13 dollar session...makes me sick.
  15. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Dec 19 2007, 12:47 PM) Have you tried the hand thing? you shoud if you havn't. Thats a good tell. And is the phunnel bowl getting hot? Also try it with just a normal bowl, no phunnel. I will try it with a normal bowl today...I havnt had the urge to smoke yet, but I am sure I will later.