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  1. mmm... hookah

    Dry Starbuzz?

    I never said I dont do that. While I have no idea how long you have been within the hookah industry most of the people finding themselves on this forum are brand new. Thus, they have no idea how to properly set up a hookah beside the little paper that sometimes comes with your purchase. I know what I am doing on all the companies I smoke with out having to think about it. Someone new on the other hand has yet to learn different tobaccos all require slight changes. You have to figure them out if you want the best smoke. Sure some can get it to a C level, but to the rest of us who actually tried different ways and found the best, a C will not do. WTF!?!?! LOL NvM guys....its ok
  2. mmm... hookah


    I like SB Punkin PIE , saw another brand called fantasia that had one similar. it was called punkin spice this was more of an hot apple spiced pie.. reallllly goood and they also had gingerbread i want to try that one next!
  3. mmm... hookah

    Dry Starbuzz?

    QUOTE (Scheetz @ Oct 10 2007, 05:26 PM) Water level will effect how you smoke. Obviously if the water was not high enough then the smoke was not even filtering through the water. (My understanding of what he said) SB smokes fine, you just have to understand how to properly use a hookah and the proper adjustment order to find that sweet spot. Hookahs are no different than a car or a computer. If it is not running properly then you follow a certain guideline first before venturing to something completely different. Water level = always in the same place for my vase. No matter what company I am smoking. Packing Style = varies on company, Tangiers is packed tightly, layalina and starbuzz are pushed down to flatten but not packed tight. Heat = varies as well, Tangiers for me requires less heat, Layalina needs .5 (half coal) more than Starbuzz. Now if it was burning, you try taking off some of the coal. If that is no good and you reach the point where there is not enough heat to create smoke then you look at how its packed. Remember, water is always your constant. Packed loose, try adding more tobacco and pressing it down tighter. And for the record, I have never had a SB flavor that died after 10 minutes. OMG ur smoking a FLIPPIN hoookah!! JEEZZZZ its Sole purpose it to enjoy it not work for it. "trouble shoot it like a car or computer"... ha. if i had to do this with my hookah i wouldnt do it at all. So yes it has to do with diffrent company tobacco's some burn slower because there really juicy and some burn faster because they are dry, some have less flavouring in them so it is not harsh on the throat, some have alot of flavouring which irritates the throat thus burns faster! MOST people put tobacco in a bowl, water in a vase, and light a few pieces of charcoal. and thats it!!!
  4. mmm... hookah

    Tangiers = Colored Smoke?

    QUOTE (racemyghost @ Oct 6 2007, 11:44 AM) I just noticed noticed last week that when i was smoking my Tangiers Orange Soda, the smoke color was a very light orange. Im like wtf? I thought i had lost my mind or something so i call my girlfriend to come downstairs. I ask her to look at the smoke as I exhale and see if she notices any colors other then white ( i obviously didnt tell her the color i was seeing). She tells me its a light orange so i knew i wasnt crazy. Ive been noticing this every time i smoke it now, including Tangiers Peach Iced Tea. I also noticed when the moisture in my clear vinyl hose turns into water drops, they're orange! Any one else experience this? ----------------------- LOL the day that this really happens it will be toxic to smoke hahahaahaaa
  5. mmm... hookah

    Dry Starbuzz?

    QUOTE (Jshenrikson @ Oct 9 2007, 08:40 PM) update: I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed folks I'm actually positive it was the water level because I'm using a diffuser. The water was at such a level it was not getting filtered at all, but still making the noise. I used a phake phunnel on a standard bowl with one QL and now I'm getting thick clouds. This SB is so good. RIP wasted coals and shisha, you were an excellent learning experience haha sorry to bother you guys, my bad Guys it is not the water level in the vase nor the way you set up your hookah.. my friends and i sat and repeteadly tried to smoke SB's X-on the beach and other flavours. It is a great experience with lots of flavour for the first 5 to 10 min, but after that it always gets harsh.. Hey guy! it sound like you need a tobacco brand change like me, i couldnt handle SB for the life of me Try Fantasia's Blueberry it has lots of flavour and consistently smokes smooth through the whole bowl.
  6. mmm... hookah

    Fantasia shisha

    QUOTE (ghostofdavid @ Sep 16 2006, 12:29 AM) QUOTE (Tangiers)OK, I take it back. It sounds odd, but what I know about tobacco I could fit into a thimble. I was told that some type of tobacco was not grown in VA much anymore, it was mostly grown in NC or whatever. I'm really foggy on this rtight now...I have no idea what I'm talking about. If what you claim to know only fits in a thimble, what I know could be contained in one of the dimples in a thimble. I like you Tangiers, because you don't throw a fit when you are wrong. If you think of it(the type of tobacco predominant to NC), let me know because I am always interested in learning about different types of tobacco. Do you ever smoke pipe tobacco blends? It's a whole different world! Uhh yea... if you guys read the website right it said and i quote "Fantasia Hookah Tobacco consists of USA grown seed from the rich earthly soils of Virginia...." so that means the seed was taken from virginia and probably grown somewhere else? yea but the flavours are fantastic.. I recently tried pina colada and it was spot on!