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  1. Ft (for Other Tangiers Noir)/fs: 190 Grams Of Tangiers Noir Blue Gum Ball

    ...Anyone? I REALLY want to try other noirs! Just let me know! If you have any other shishas, just post up your offers
  2. NOTE: TOBACCOS ARE WEIGHED BY EYE, NOT SCALE. -I ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE MONEY TRANSFERS -U.S RESIDENTS ONLY! -TOBACCOS DO NOT COME WITH REGULAR TIN/CONTAINER. The 190 Grams of Tangiers Blue Gum Ball is really not what I expected. Doesn't smell anything like a blue gum ball candy or anything blueberry (to me at least). So, I'm willing to trade this for OTHER tangiers (noir). Or, willing to pay. ($11 including shipping) MORE willing to trade though! Post up your offers here I REALLY want to try Tangiers Yellow Apple. Any Noir that isn't Horchata (already have it in Lucid), Maraschino Cherry (have it_, or Orange Soda.
  3. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    SOLD to kvtaco17! Mods, please move this thread!
  4. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    Pending payment
  5. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    PM sent!
  6. Mnhookah Still Having Issues?

    Agh, no wonder nothing shows up when you click on the "Tobacco" link on they're site. Idk, I've ordered from them in the past and I have no complaints But imo, I think they should at least put a notice up on the front page so people don't get confused or anything.
  7. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    That's a deal 200 gram tins of Fantasia usually go for $17.95-$18.95 online from what I've seen! And I've only smoked one small phunnel bowl worth! Someone jump on this please! Trying to get this stuff off my hands!
  8. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    Okay how about this? $11 SHIPPED!!!
  9. Fs: 180 Grams Of Fantasia Adios M@#%+&!

    NOTE: -I ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE MONEY TRANSFERS. -U.S Residents ONLY! -Tobacco not weighed by scale, but by eye. Got 180 Grams of Fantasia's Adios M@#%+&! Smoked a bowl of it, wasn't my thing. $13 SHIPPED! PM me or post up on this thread if you are interested
  10. Fs: Grand/caravan Hose (hot Pink)

    ...Still up. The helios...get my PM last night?
  11. Fs: Grand/caravan Hose (hot Pink)

    QUOTE (thehelios @ Sep 21 2009, 08:46 PM) Still interested, you still have 2 other people "pending" or what's going on exactly? This has been taking over 2 weeks or so to get a quote. Sorry, I am in school and have been working a LOT lately and I didn't have a lot of time like I thought I would to actually go to USPS. I still have other people from other places who asked for a quote first. If they do not come through on this trade, I am going to offer it to ya
  12. Fs: Grand/caravan Hose (hot Pink)

    going to USPS to mail out a package TOMORROW. INstead of shipping being $7....I will get a quote! To all those interested in a quote, please post or PM me! I will bring with box + the hose to get a quote while I am there!
  13. Fs: Grand/caravan Hose (hot Pink)

    This is still up! $12 is a VERY good deal! Heck if I can, I'll even lower shipping if its possible!
  14. Fs: Grand/caravan Hose (hot Pink)

    This is the Grand WASHABLE hose (HOT PINK) I'm selling this hose because although it is great to smoke with, I can't stand how much of a bi-otch this hose is to clean since the mouth tip is not detachable! I also prefer the easy draw of a Razan. I've had this since January '09 I believe. Selling this for $12 Shipping will be about $7 I will ONLY accept MF! Thinking about buying a pink Nammor or Razan to replace it FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY! PEEKTURES! The glue started to come off of the hose where the sweatband is after washing it after a while. But there are no leaks. It is just an aesthetic flaw Btw, guys...don't be scared about this Grand hose being pink. Lol