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  1. Good idea on the candle wax...I may experiment with that first.
  2. When I stop drawing smoke comes out of where the hose port was welded on. It appears that the hose port wasnt completely welded on. That makes logical sense to me lol
  3. I will be going no where near a soldering iron lol...The putty sounds like a sound idea...Hell, plato would probably work, I surmise it wouldn't taste that hot though
  4. Just got my KM M3 Isis and low and behold there is a sizable air leak where the hose port was welded onto the hookah. Was just wondering what the best method of sealing this would be. Thanks in advance for any sound advice that arrives. And thanks for the bad advice I might receive as well.
  5. jester589

    Mya Saray Bambino

    I have had my Bambino for awhile now and finally decided to review it. The thing is as beautiful as a mini hookah is going to get. The ornamentation on the stem and the pineapple grenadish type vase is great. It smokes competently, not the best but more than acceptable. I do have issues with using a Nammor on it. Was not really designed with the Nammor in mind. I would personally give it an 8/10 for general hookahs because it is not going to outsmoke my 36 inch Al Fakher, but as far as portable hookahs go, this with the carrying case is pure money, can't recommend it enough. Hopefully that was a somewhat competent review lol. Edit: I feel I should also mention the tray seems a tad small and you need to be somewhat careful to not drop coals.
  6. jester589

    Best Natural Coals?

    Never used Cocos but Exoticas have been solid for me with the exception of one box that was sketchy. Price wise its not too much of a debate, Exoticas have it there.
  7. jester589

    Random Headaches After Sessions

    I'm going to say....It just happens sometimes
  8. QUOTE (racemyghost @ Nov 3 2008, 03:21 AM) I have all 3 you mentioned. The Syrian was good when it was my only hookah. It was all brass, hit good. Then I bought the Al fakher hookah. Hit very well and looked amazing. Then i bought a KM Ice. Hits amazing and looks great. As you can see, the syrian is way out of the picture. My primary pipes are the KM and my Mya Qt. Even though the Al Fakher hookah is one great hookah, it is my trophy hookah. (it was my 21st bday gift) So if you were to ask me, upgrading to a KM (specificly ICE model in my opinion. I have smoked out of several diff. KMs) would be a great decision. Gotta say the Al Fakher pipes don't seem to get much love. They look and smoke fantastic. Never personally smoked a KM, but can say you won't be dissappointed with the Al Fakher.
  9. QUOTE (blckngld760 @ Oct 21 2008, 12:49 AM) QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Oct 20 2008, 07:27 AM) QUOTE (thecyrax @ Oct 20 2008, 10:09 AM) I think you need to let your coals light fully! 2nd 3rd Going to have to 4th it here
  10. jester589


    The shop near me sells 50 grams of what I think is Al Waha wrapped in tin foil for 5 dollars....Not exactly the best deal
  11. jester589

    Pumpkin Spice

    Fantasia Pumpkin Spice Hookah: Al Fakher Large Bowl: Small Phunnel Hose: Broken Nammor (Handle came off leaving just a hose opening) Coals: Exotica Appearance: Normal Fantasia Smell: Great, like Pumpkin Pie Taste: Here is where it lost me. It tasted like some bland spices with barely a hint of Pumpkin. I have no problem with spicy flavors but this just felt bland and dissapointing after the smell. Smoke: Clouds were fine and wonderful Buzz: Don't really get buzzes Duration: About an hour and 10 when I stopped, could have gone longer Overall: 4/10 Can't really recommend it. If it had more of a Pumpkiny flavor would have been golden. Too bad, I usually love Fantasia. Won't be buying (got this as a sample). Wouldn't blame this on the broken hose since other flavors taste fine.
  12. jester589

    Bad Batch Of Exoticas?

    It sounds to me like it came from the one or whatever number of bad batches that may or may not have existed lol...I exclusively use Exoticas anymore and in my time smoking have come across one bad box...If they break when lighting or break way too easily and have the strange little markings odds are you got a bad box...As was probably said before contact vendor or whomever and see what they'll do for you...Sucks to get a bad box but I have had enough great experiences with Exoticas it's not enough to scare me off unless I got another bad box, which I haven't...Enough rambling from me
  13. I'm just about to leave to pick it up from UPS...Don't really have high hopes after the first batch and people basically saying it has the same issues...Will give it a try and hopefully its decent...If not, probably will work as a mixer with something else.
  14. Starbuzz is the last shisha you want to buy if you are on a budget. Get some Al Fakher, Al Waha etc. As for the hookah I couldn't say. How bout you let us know.
  15. Oh man....I love Egyptian Licorice...I'm wishing I hadn't run out of charcoal so I could do that lol