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  1. Free shipping for orders over $20.... pretty sweet but its not a code just select it
  2. Tangiers Cool Strawberry and Peach Ice Tea Starbuzz X On the Beach and Peaches and Cream Layalina Vanilla (though I had a bad batch recently) and Kiwi Al Fakher Watermelon and Grape
  3. I find that Orange Soda knocks me out and Peach Ice Tea is a pretty easy going flavour I would also recommend Cool Strawberry thats a pretty smooth and easy to smoke flavour
  4. IMO its fine here QUOTE Just question how do u guys not have yours burn when u over pack the bowl and the Tabbaco is touching the foil? We also tryed few different ways of coals. 1 2 and 3 quicklights found out 3 worked good get started then burned it so just went too two which worked great.
  5. I think you need to be more patient when getting the bowl going, for me, I usually don't get full clouds until having the coals on for 10 minutes or so, so just put on two coals and give it some time rather than going all out on the heat when lighting her up
  6. Mmmmm EUR72 isn't too bad imo when the sniper is $400+
  7. Kinda makes the sniper feel like a ripoff not that it wasn't before
  8. Haha makes my one kilo order from neil look petty
  9. Yeah my Layalina Vanilla was really weird recently, opened it up and it smelled nothing like vanilla more of a mixed fruit kind of taste, acclimatised it for a day or so and it has vanilla tinges but it certainly isn't the smooth creamy vanilla smoke of norm
  10. It is really soothing in a weird sort of way haha flooring your car as your bass hits and your jeans / hair / head / stomach / legs vibrate gets rid of all your problems. I am hoping my maintenance agreement will cover the rattling out of the screws, im guna disconnect the sub and leave it in the garage before I go though Im off to bed tho but have fun with your subs when they come
  11. Haha Well with two 12" you will turn heads, setting off car alarms will be a stretch though probably need 2 12s and 2 15s for that, I was going to get a 10 and a 15 but i settled with a twelve because it can get fairly high in bass terms, and hit pretty low too. Only problem now is my car is screwed, all the screws in the headliner rattled out, the overhead console has one screw remaining in place and my windows sometimes pop out of the groove if I don't have a window open. Also at night my headlights suffer its a hard life ...
  12. Dammmnnnn thats insane!!!! you need to hook me up haha I think my dads jag needs some bass
  13. Very nice, one of our local hookah bars has one similar to that but I think it is 6 hoses? QUOTE (Gold Wing Gunner @ Feb 16 2008, 12:27 AM) I have a friend who bought one alot like that but about 5ft, and only 6hoses. He smoked it a couple of times... but he used it for other things cough cough. but then it started falling apart and the stem broke when he droped it just barely. he only paid 100for his tho. You need to edit this or the ban hammer will be falling....
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