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  1. Happy Birthday To.................

    Heyyyyy everyone! Hope everybody is doing well! Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  2. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    I should be good to go. Thought I probably would come down the 4th
  3. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Whats KOA? And how much are they?
  4. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    i just dont want to have to pay for a hotel or sleep in the heat in a tent outside. july is gonna be really expensive
  5. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    why would you be left out?... Dammit why cant we figure out a date!! What about the NEXT week?
  6. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    I vote the latter.
  7. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Actually first weekend in August is probably better for me. I'll have just gotten paid lol. Let's make this happen! I want to spoon with Tony again
  8. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Yes, date please. Last weekend in July or first weekend in August? Really my August is almost all free so far
  9. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

  10. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    lol incorporate camping into the trip (aka dont wonna spend money on hotel) hahahaha
  11. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    I would be interested in doing this but it all depends on the weekend on if I would need to pay for a hotel, I guess. If I need a hotel I probably cant make it because July will be a BUSY month. If I have a place to crash I probably can. If we are looking at the end of July the only time I can do it is the weekend of July 28th, if at all (will have to assess finances after the previous 2 weeks). Let me know whats up
  12. Weight Loss

    A new study (read: another study) coming out linking lack of sleep to weight gain. So sleep as much as you can too. This is something I suck at.
  13. I am not going to vote because there are too many variables. Between the two brands: flip a coin. I trust both, I think both are great products, Farida might even be better. BUT! I think if you are choosing between two things that are equal, or close to equal, it will come down to brand loyalty if there is any, price, and style. Look at all of them, choose which you like the best, that's the best one.
  14. Weight Loss

    Weight is only a tool to attempt at monitor fat loss/gain. It's not a necessary tool at all. However, if you choose to use that tool, ONLY weigh yourself in the morning, post pee, fully nude, before you ingest even a drop of water. If you have a complex about it only do it once every X week(s). It's up to you.
  15. Meeting People Online

    Do it. I have friends that have married from meeting online, I have friends that use it frequently with great luck. Cant hurt, right? I mean...unless you end up in a rape-well, rubbing lotion on your skin. Other than that, cant hurt, right?