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  1. Steviethepope

    Time for Change....

    Yeah it looks like brad wants into and I agree that PHPBB should be used instead of.. what is this??? Vbulletin? I cant tell.  Anyways. Brad contact me on AIM: laconicbehaviour or MSN: laconicbehaviour@gmail.com and we can talk about this.Again Sorry I disappeared but I am back
  2. Steviethepope

    Time for Change....

    Oops... yeah I am still down for this. It sounds like other people are on board. I am going to email ad rock at the address that math provided. Sorry I haven't been here in a minute. I got all depressed when I thought the hookah bars in seattle had to close due to that stupid smoking law... but I am back and ready to go Hopefully you are all still with me. Thanks for the support
  3. Steviethepope

    Edit button...

    I told adrock that I would rebuild this site for free so we can give it a bit more life. He doesn't seem to care about its operations anymore. He needs to give me the go ahead or to no go - I am not going to waste my time with creating samples and stuff.. I will redesign this site and breathe life back into it or I wont.
  4. Steviethepope

    Anti Smoking States

    Well... The state voters passed I-901 here in Washington. According to [url="http://smokefreeseattle.org/news_and_events/index.php"]http://smokefreeseattle.org/news_and_events/index.php[/url] it says (copied from the FAQ section)So is smoking banned everywhere, even in bars? What about after midnight or in smoking rooms?I-901 bans smoking in any indoor enclosed public place including all bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, skating rinks, casinos, reception areas and 75% of rooms in hotels. It includes all places of employment. There are no exceptions. The ban applies everywhere, all the time.-I wrote an email to clarify about hookah bars because the whole point of going to a hookah bar is to smoke. They haven't replied yet but I will let you know what they say
  5. [quote name='LondonShisha']Is South Smoke the same as Social Smoke?<BR><BR>Hope you get it soon buddy. What flavours did you order?[/quote] oops sorry - I am working a double shift at work today so I got off work last night - slept an hour and I have been working again straight so I misread what you typed. My Bad!I got Gauva, Mocha Latte, Black Berry, and Carmel Apple.
  6. Steviethepope

    Taqseem- Girl figure Hookah

    I might buy it for decoration. I dont know about performance... well actually I have other interesting shape hookahs and they perform well but they are just hard to clean cause the stem is all weird.
  7. I ordered Al Amir at South Smoke yesterday also but it hasn't been processed yet so it doesn't look like I am having the same luck with shipping as you. I am not suprised though, I had a package shipped ground DHL from Turkey to here in Seattle and it made it in 4 days.
  8. Steviethepope

    Time for Change....

    [quote name='cafedelmar']It would be nice to see some forums by region too. Maybe one for Canada, one for the UK, and one for the States? It makes it easier to find relevant topics.          [/quote] All the guy has to do is give me the OK and I'l start the much needed make over. If anybody knows him have him add [url="http://mailto:laconicbehaviour@gmail.com"]laconicbehaviour@gmail.com[/url] to his msn or laconicbehaviour to his AIM and we can chat about it. Hello - I know I am a JR member but since he doesn't seem to come around he might as well just turn over admin of this site to mushrat or cypress or someone
  9. Steviethepope

    Coal and shisha duration

    [quote name='ioannisds']Yash, how in the flip do you get such long smokes?  What is your technique exactly?  I can rarely go past maybe 45 minutes with a bowl.  I suddenly feel sofa king we todded.[/quote]   I agree with you - I usually have to switch my 3 kings coal after about 25 minutes and then I am able to go another 15-20 minutes longer and thats it. I have also talked to people who say they can smoke for 1.5 / 2 hours a bowl and they tell me the steps and I carefully put it together right but 45 minutes is still tops for me - it has no flavor and it gets harsh after that point.
  10. Steviethepope

    Good Coffee/Cappachino flavs.

    I love Havana's cappuccino - its pretty much all I smoke as of recent.
  11. Steviethepope

    Anti Smoking States

    The reason why I brought this up is because here in Seattle there is a anti-smoking messure on the table... and it will most likely pass.Plus there are very succesful hookah bars here and I am curious as to if they will have to close doors or whatever...
  12. Steviethepope

    Base water levels with ice vs no ice

    [quote name='SMOKE~N~BUBBLZ']  Maybe its because the ice acts as a breaker for the bubbling water, it breaks the bubbles and only lets small one through----> hence less bubbles, less aggitation of the water less chance of the water getting high enough to go ito your pipe.......if that make sense  [/quote]   Yeah good though... Its just weird though cause they dont put ice in the water at the hookah bars here in Seattle and it doesn't do that.
  13. Steviethepope


    Hookahhookah has terrible shisha and even worse service. They didn't get my order right and they refused to fix it so I had to file a dispute on the charge with my bank.
  14. I know there are a few anti-smoking in public places states. If any of you live in those states (NY and Cali????)  How does this affect the hookah business since the whole point of going to a hookahbar is to smoke
  15. So my ice machine failed to make more ice last night for some reason... I fired up a bowl this morning and I didn't put ice in cause I didn't have any. I put the water the the same level as I would if there were ice in the base but for reason I sucked water up the hose. Any ideas on why that would be?I remade the base to make sure I didn't do it wrong but once again I sucked water up the hose.I drained some water out by almost an inch (the stem is only covered about 1/4 inch now) and its working perfectly.....