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  1. You should abandon this gimmick of your craziness, Furyk. Nothing in your posts indicates any form of insanity.
  2. Dr. Atkins

    Obama Or Mccain?

    QUOTE (Hookah_Bob3 @ Jun 27 2008, 10:31 PM) Iraq already is a better place than when we got there. The Iraqis hailed the day when Saddam was found and when he was executed. They're beginning to support our troops by identifying Al Qaeda hide outs. The media just doesn't tell you because that doesn't serve their agenda. What? This is pretty much EXACTLY what the media tells you, even the channels that aren't basically tabloids (Fox).
  3. Dr. Atkins

    Huge Shisha Order

    SB Irish Cream is an extremely boring/bland flavor, just to warn you
  4. Dr. Atkins

    I Just Built A Hookah...

    Side effects are rarely so benign as increased insulin resistance... neurotoxins and endocrine toxins are of larger concern, particularly towards the thyroid,
  5. Dr. Atkins

    Tangiers Appreciation Thread

    With Tangiers, Al Fakher, and Nakhla, there's no need to look for anything else. (Except maybe an occasional bowl of Fantasia Pink Lemonade)
  6. Dr. Atkins

    Ask A Gay Guy Anything...

    When I was a freshman in highschool, I used to respond to those "that's so gay" comments with "Gay like my dad?", which worked surprisingly well in having people say it less often. I would probably never do something so obnoxious these days, though.
  7. I would definitely do that for 300$
  8. Dr. Atkins

    Obama Or Mccain?

    You ARE killing the ozone with your SUV... asshole
  9. Dr. Atkins

    Should I Get A Psp?

    If anyone's looking to get rid of their PSP, by the way, please let me know. Thanks
  10. Dr. Atkins


    Dogfish Head has to be the most overrated beer out there, and gives the lowest return for the price. Especially their award winning raison d'etre... blech.
  11. Dr. Atkins

    I Just Built A Hookah...

    Copper is way, way safer than plastic.
  12. Shaped stone or metal that looked like that would be an absolute buttload more expensive, though.
  13. Dr. Atkins


    You could be right, but Nakhla is also molasses based and doesn't seem to require acclimating. I think it might be the variety of tobacco that's more important.
  14. Dr. Atkins


    Not saying the tobacco itself doesn't need acclimation... just that it's probably not the nicotine content that mandates it
  15. Dr. Atkins


    QUOTE Nicotine is hygroscopic So is glycerin, and a number of other components present in both unwashed and washed tobacco. Big whoop.