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  1. Is there one commercially available? The hookah still works fine, but the hoses taste like Rose
  2. Braavos

    Its Been Fun

    Get well man
  3. Braavos


    Snow Crash is great, as is Cryptonomicon by the same author. I'm reading The Fortress of Solitude, by Jonathan Lethem, and Making a Literary Life, by Carolyn See
  4. The one from Morocco. It wasn't expensive, but it worked well and had sentimental value, and it was super portable. Had it in a backpack, and was walking to central park to smoke it with some friends. Realized that I forgot my coals, and upon *setting* it down on a marble railing, I heard the dreaded glass-crack. I set it down way too gently to expect any damage to come to it, but that's still the last time I'll ever keep a hookah in a backpack. Now I'm in NYC another ten days with boxes of shisha and nothing to smoke it from
  5. Braavos

    Hookah In Ireland?

    QUOTE (aethiolas @ Jun 18 2008, 09:52 PM) That article has nothing to do w/ Ireland...its about Dublin, CA. Don't know anything about Ireland personally tho, but at least you can still hope! sorry, should have read the whole thing
  6. Braavos

    Dslr Cameras

    I had some crazy-money, so I just picked one of these guys up, and I fucking love it. If you use a point-and-shoot camera with a tiny lens/aperture, do yourself a favor and drop by best buy and play around with a digital SLR. The image quality is just so incredibly good, and you have so many more options to add your own artistic flair to your shots. Back in 2003, I looked into DSLR for amusement's sake, and they were all 5,000$+. Now the entry level cameras are roughly on par with the high level point-and-shoots, pricewise. I just got a Nikon D40, two lenses, and a kit for 600. I've been absolutely blown away so far.
  7. Braavos

    Any One Following The Eufa Euro Tournament?

    Spain almost lost this last one, but I'll always pull for Spain
  8. Braavos

    Hookah In Ireland?

  9. Braavos

    Some More Advice

    If your into asthetics, get something gold colored (brass?). Some of the best stems are stainless steel, but I always like to have the two halves match
  10. What tobaccos smell great, but taste terrible? I'm smoking AF Grenadine right now. It smells incredible (like 10/10) and I'm actually buzzed off of it, but the stuff tastes like dirt. The pomegranate is there, but the flavor is seriously, seriously lacking.
  11. Braavos

    Hookah In Europe

    QUOTE (Dereksd @ Jun 6 2008, 12:57 AM) QUOTE (mathuv @ Jun 5 2008, 10:27 PM) amsterdam is overpriced, compared to other parts of holland, especially in the nh bars. but if they have hookahs, they probably have shisha so its worth a try. just be sure that they have it clear you dont want any nh in your shisha, unless you do not for me hookah all the way Barcelona: La Clandestina 4 reviews - Write a review Baixada Viladecols 2 08002 Barcelona, Spain +34 933 190 533‎ I'm in Copenhagen now and looking, if anyone knows of anything.
  12. It could have easily been glue. I hadn't even considered that. It was crystal clear though, and triangular. Kind of reminds me of the first time I found tartrate crystals in my wine and thought I was drinking glass. I'm sure it's nothing.
  13. anyone else have an experience like this? i'm smoking fantasia margarita, and i just sucked a thin, clear shard of something through my hose. i'm hesitant to call it glass because of all the red flags that that would raise, but it was similarly textured. it was very small and very thin and clear, and broke apart in my fingers. could this have been from my base somehow? or maybe the hose? (i'm smoking out of the bambino) or a byproduct of glycerine or something? any ideas? just want to make sure i'm not inhaling anything dangerous.