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  1. That was like 6 years ago Mushrat. Not sure if they still have them.
  2. The Glass Bottom smoke shop in Tucson had some bowls that were exactly like Smiley's, but they said "F*ck Smiley" on them lol.
  3. The Messiah

    Good Hookah Websites?

    I would recommend a Mya as well. Love my QT.
  4. Last I heard Smiley was running a skateboard shop. Not sure how reliable this info was. Never tried Starbuzz watermelon, but I love AF watermelon. The new watermelon mint is bomb. Anybody remember the Scalli mod for the phunnel bowl?
  5. I only use Phunnels. Different sizes for different tobaccos.
  6. The Messiah

    Pic Of Eric Aka Tangiers Aka Sonthert.

    I was thinking about this thread the other day. This was on my old account before it f'd up. Anybody still here from those days?
  7. I have a Mya QT as well. Maybe I'll let him try it out and see what he thinks. Thanks for the input everyone.
  8. I recently got a buddy of mine into hookah. He wants to buy his own. His budget is around $100. What do you think is his best bet? He has only smoked out of my 28" Egyptian that I got from Social Smoke 6 years ago.
  9. The Messiah

    Questions About Hookah

    Depending on the brand, pretty close. It's a lot different than burning the tobacco like you do when you smoke other ways. Hard to describe, but to me it's a clean tasting smoke.
  10. The Messiah


    [quote name='Pavo21' timestamp='1348376340' post='556991'] [quote name='The Messiah' timestamp='1348278017' post='556938'] I picked up a mini and a pico a few weeks ago from Eric's place. He had plenty in stock. [/quote] shop stock and online stock totally different, for the people willing to drive over there depending where you are, its worth it. but nothing anyone on here can do about the prices online, its just what they are gonna do. even if everyone one on forums goes on strike for like hookah john site he will still sell them all. [/quote] Ya, I drove over 8 hours lol.
  11. The Messiah


    I picked up a mini and a pico a few weeks ago from Eric's place. He had plenty in stock.
  12. I had a 2 hose hookah and made the mistake of taking it to a party. It was cold outside so the homeowner told us to smoke inside. One of my buddies pulled a hose too much and knocked the hookah over and burned the carpet in several places. The homeowner's brother came out and was PISSED! I ended up leaving the party with one less hookah.
  13. The Messiah

    Help From The Tangiers Folks

    I finally had the chance to visit Eric's lounge last week. Yes, he is very busy. Had a bunch of boxes of orders ready to be shipped. I made the mistake of just getting a few bowls and didn't even think to get some tobacco. Got home and realised I was out of K-peach. Doh!
  14. Been there, done that lol. I've even had hoses that said they were washable do that.