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  1. Ah ok I have been down there a few times. I use to hang out some car club guys down there when I lived in WA.
  2. So did you end up picking the others up ? If so share some pictures I know I am not alone in wanting to see them!
  3. What part of Oregon are you in? Next time I fly home to Washington I might have to come check it out in person as I really like the idea of a coffee table/hookah!
  4. As a member of both forums I haven't been "rejected" here and I have no plans on it. It's all about respect which obviously some people have no idea what that is,but that happens anywhere someone can hide behind a keyboard and talk shit. ( that is not directed at any particular person just how forums work, maturity and respect is not universal ). I don't know maybe it's because of my background but I find it stupid as hell to talk shit when you can't back up your mouth ( fingers in the internet case, ). Constructive criticism is one thing all out bashing is another, and it's pointless, get over yourself and post with a level head or just shut up and don't post if you have nothing constructive to contribute! Don't go bashing people cause you think you know it all. IMO that is how a forum should work, granted it's not a perfect world so of course this will never be the case, just a thought is all. I spend the majority of my forum browsing over on HP and I have yet to see any bashing of this forum on there, not saying it hasn't happen in the past, but like I said I am new to both forums and haven't seen it. It is clearly stated in the sticky at the top of the forum that negative talk/bashing of this forum is not tolerated. So far as long as I have been there I have yet to see any, it's quite clear in the rules it will not be tolerated. As far as being enforced, I don't have reason to think it will not be but I haven't seen it come up so I think the point was made clear and respected so far as I can tell. Boom coming here over and over again is stupid. I have no problem with the guy but obviously some people do. I don't condone him breaking the rules either, but posts like this seem to feed the fire when you basically call someone out with bashing of them. Sorry, if it was me I would stand up for myself as well but the difference is I would do it in private not in a public forum. As for rules on forums not being enforced for everyone ... QUOTE 1) Maintain a civil manner and tone. This is a friendly forum with a wide variety of people from lots of different places. We will not all agree on issues. Feel free to express yourself, but name calling, personal insults, and baiting will not be tolerated. Profanity is permitted in it’s proper context. That's all this thread has been from what I can see! It's all pointless and is doing nothing to solve the problem it's just a bashing fest. I don't know just seems like this is going nowhere and is just an open thread to cause pointless drama that is not needed. I don't think it should about which forum is better as they both have their perks there is plenty of internet for 50 hookah communities, but this one is not better than the other and vise versa. They both provide different atmospheres and I like that. I don't see a reason for the bashing...
  5. Turned out very nice! I am sure it's even better in person !
  6. Jubs

    Hookah And Drinks

    When smoking Sweet melon I like jungle juice ( orange juice, watermelon koolaide, light rum, peach schnapps and junks of pineapple and peaches) I enjoy Blue Moon beer with various flavors. I usually just have iced tea though the majority of the time.
  7. Jubs

    Sultan Coals

    I use the Sultan quick lights and they are my favorite. Besides the fact they don't last very long ,other than that I don't have a complaint. For $1.29 for a 10 pack roll ( locally ) you can't go wrong IMO I usually use them with some 3 king pieces just so I don't burn through them as fast. Not a fan of the 3 kings though, I can taste them and I don't like that at all. Will be switching to exoticas soon enough and doubt I will use quick lights again at home.
  8. Jubs


    Very nice, healthy, looking Arowana!
  9. QUOTE (rsa5387 @ Sep 13 2007, 11:03 PM) decided i'll just get a maya qt...is that a good decision? There has been a lot discussion about them lately. You might want to check out the review section and search the threads to make your choice on that one. I have never personally owned or used one but, from the reviews lately I don't think I am willing to take the risk associated with the vases on them.
  10. Jubs

    Mnhookah Down?

    Yeah still can't get on either I have Comcast and I have updated my DNS. I don't know ...
  11. QUOTE (chinamon @ Sep 11 2007, 09:34 PM) are there different companies that make the pumpkin hookah? the bowl that mine came with is about the same size as a mya bowl and i just put one 3king right in the middle and it smokes fine. mya qt ftw though! Yeah I believe there are a few different brands as I have seen that some of them don't have a removable ashtray and mine locks down to the Syrian ( male ) bowl grommet. Most I have read about in the review section said it was a fixed tray and too small. On mine it's about right sized but not deep like a regular tray is. The pics I have seen on some sites the tray is tiny fixed to the stem.
  12. I have noticed with my pumpkin you have to play with the coals a lot to get it to smoke right I fill my base about 3/4" past the stem I get good smoke out of it. I use a 3k or a like brand but I split the coal in half and put a half on opposite sides of the bowl. Sounds to me like you are burning your shisha as the bowls are small and shallow and it doesn't take much to burn the shisha in those tiny bowls I only fill mine about 3/4of the way full and leave it fairly loose. I have noticed it takes a bit of messing around with the pumpkin to get it right but once you get the hang of it you will be able to get a decent session out of it. I personally don't like my pumpkin and plan on getting a new setup soon and have a 18"setup I am using now,but it is possible to get a good session out of it if you make the effort to setup it up right. It just takes a lot of heat management to get it right.
  13. Yuck haha! I always make sure to blow through the hose before I even think about inhaling anything. I always give it about 5 good blow throughs after each session and again before I attach it to the hookah during setup.
  14. There has been some bad reviews on the seller. I don't know about the pipe itself being legit but the seller is pretty shady from what I have read, not a risk I would be willing to take!
  15. Their live help is online right now I would go and chat with them right now if I was you.