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    I really do enjoy an ice cold Stone - Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard. I'm still looking for an oatmeal stout I can simmer down with. Suggestions?
  2. FURsAKeN

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Gilbert, AZ
  3. FURsAKeN


    If there is a Diaie mall in your area, normally they have a smoke shop there. But it is crap shisha, bakes under a light for weeks. If you were in the Yokosuka area, there is a place out in Shibuya that sells it. I been in Japan for 3 years now.. Hookah is hard to find here, and if you do, generally it is crap. I normally order all of my supplies online through MNH or SS. Since you are married you will able to get an FPO/AP Box with your wife. I send all my stuff to that instead of my command.
  4. FURsAKeN

    Rob87 Is Done.

    Some people never learn I guess, but then again you need to get kicked in the nuts by someone to learn...
  5. FURsAKeN

    Which Would You Get?

    nammor hose, I own one.. cobra hose I had to mod it with pink tubing..
  6. Tangiers and put some vodka in the base. Beware, it might give you a headache..
  7. FURsAKeN

    World Of Warcraft

    Can't believe you guys are arguing about which MMORPG game takes skill... Fact is.. None of them do. You all know Counter-Strike is where skill is needed.
  8. FURsAKeN

    Command And Conquer

    I had that problem start with the new patch, and my screen twitches in the corner. Bad patch maybe. Thats why I still play my Starcraft.
  9. FURsAKeN

    Responce To Thomas And His Great Deal

    And thomas still has nothing to say.. interesting... hmmm... yes.. conspiracy... Spam.
  10. FURsAKeN

    World Of Warcraft

    I enjoy my life.
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    QUOTE (fineout @ Jan 2 2008, 05:10 AM) fursaken, NS wheels are awesome for cruising. Grippy and smooth, so are their boards. I'm really considering buying a set. I typically stick with Lush, Kyptonics, and Gravity. Just had some bed experiences with new brands, set of OJs fell apart in the middle of some soulful carves Edit: I'm retarded
  12. FURsAKeN

    I Was On Local News Today

    Congrats dude! That ban is a drag for others.. Thats a pretty cool blue lit custom hookah.
  13. FURsAKeN

    Happy Birthday Too....

    Happy Birthday
  14. FURsAKeN

    Coast Guard

  15. FURsAKeN


    Anyone tried Never Summer's line of wheels?? http://www.thelongboardstore.com/never-sum...els-p-2477.html
  16. FURsAKeN

    Happy Birthday Camelflage & Chinamon

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=7g0AJPqKybs Jim Breuer's (Half Baked) take on drinking and how to mix it..
  17. FURsAKeN

    Happy Birthday Camelflage & Chinamon

    Happy Birthday Dudes!
  18. FURsAKeN

    Your Favorite Car?

    1975 Chevrolet K5 Blazer My first car was a K5, Red wine with a black body stripe. I miss it, had fun staying up late night workign on it. My dream came to an end when it got stolen out of a Wal-Mart parking lot, found in the bottom of Lake Ray Hubbard.
  19. FURsAKeN

    Buttered Floor

    LOL Yeah landing on your tailbone sucks ass. Takes all the air outta your lungs, like you just got man handled by the playground bully named Betty.
  20. FURsAKeN

    So I Proposed..

    Congrats in taking the plunge.
  21. FURsAKeN


    QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Dec 28 2007, 06:35 PM) I have a Landyachtz Evo Black Tree drop deck with Seismic trucks and some Gumballs. (pretty much the best...) Nice, I've wanted to get a drop deck; was looking at the Loaded Dervish. Pricey but I've heard nothing but good things. Plus the Flexdex lineup seems really interesting. Sector 9 Goddess of Speed ('06 Model) 150mm Independent trucks, Red's bearing casings (I use my own SS bearings I get from my shop, better ABEC), Lush 62mm 78a (I have fallen in love with lush wheels) Gravity Ring of Fire Randal II 180mm, Red Bearings, and Lush 62mm 78a Limited Pushead Edt. REAL Just hanging on a wall... for memory sake
  22. FURsAKeN


    I longboard, stopped using a short board few years back. Have a 42'' Sector 9 and a 46'' Gravity, and I still kept my old Real skateboard done up by Pushead.
  23. FURsAKeN

    X-mas Wish List X-box Games

    NFS: Pro street Mass effect Burnout Paradise CoD 4 Bioshock Assasins Creed GRAW2
  24. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Nov 13 2007, 05:02 PM) However It's still a bloody gimik and the 'special liquid' is quite a chemical that freezes easily and does not thaw so fast. I'd be a tad nervous about that splitting or leaking It says on the website "Non-toxic" and "Food Grade Material". I'm sure it will just make your expierance abit unpleasent, and a little sick to the stomach if it leaks. But it's more then likely nothing to be too concerned about.
  25. FURsAKeN

    Xbox Gamertags

    FURsAKeN go figure right? Well you can add me, but I wont be playing anytime soon until I return to the US.. now that JP has 38 xbl servers, thanks to Microsoft giving up on Asia.. my latency is like 300-500..