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  1. Beer

    I really do enjoy an ice cold Stone - Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard. I'm still looking for an oatmeal stout I can simmer down with. Suggestions?
  2. Arizona Smokers Az

    Gilbert, AZ
  3. Japan

    If there is a Diaie mall in your area, normally they have a smoke shop there. But it is crap shisha, bakes under a light for weeks. If you were in the Yokosuka area, there is a place out in Shibuya that sells it. I been in Japan for 3 years now.. Hookah is hard to find here, and if you do, generally it is crap. I normally order all of my supplies online through MNH or SS. Since you are married you will able to get an FPO/AP Box with your wife. I send all my stuff to that instead of my command.
  4. Rob87 Is Done.

    Some people never learn I guess, but then again you need to get kicked in the nuts by someone to learn...
  5. Which Would You Get?

    nammor hose, I own one.. cobra hose I had to mod it with pink tubing..
  6. Tangiers and put some vodka in the base. Beware, it might give you a headache..
  7. World Of Warcraft

    Can't believe you guys are arguing about which MMORPG game takes skill... Fact is.. None of them do. You all know Counter-Strike is where skill is needed.
  8. Command And Conquer

    I had that problem start with the new patch, and my screen twitches in the corner. Bad patch maybe. Thats why I still play my Starcraft.
  9. Responce To Thomas And His Great Deal

    And thomas still has nothing to say.. interesting... hmmm... yes.. conspiracy... Spam.
  10. World Of Warcraft

    I enjoy my life.
  11. Skateboarding

    QUOTE (fineout @ Jan 2 2008, 05:10 AM) fursaken, NS wheels are awesome for cruising. Grippy and smooth, so are their boards. I'm really considering buying a set. I typically stick with Lush, Kyptonics, and Gravity. Just had some bed experiences with new brands, set of OJs fell apart in the middle of some soulful carves Edit: I'm retarded
  12. I Was On Local News Today

    Congrats dude! That ban is a drag for others.. Thats a pretty cool blue lit custom hookah.
  13. Happy Birthday Too....

    Happy Birthday
  14. Coast Guard

  15. Skateboarding

    Anyone tried Never Summer's line of wheels?? http://www.thelongboardstore.com/never-sum...els-p-2477.html