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  1. mobbed

    Ouchie My Fingers!

    my friend got one in the corner of his mouth once while blowing on it looked like the coal gave him herpes for a couple of days
  2. try it i would guess it wouldnt work as well but maybe it will for you
  3. could have just added some ground clove to the tobacco...but not too much!
  4. mobbed

    Woo Hoo! It Came!

    woo party looks good
  5. mobbed

    Hookah While Reading

    all i know is ill smoke hookah for hours by myself while i do school work
  6. chicagos about 4 hours from me
  7. meh just a name as long as the tobacco is quality it could be called big meaty sausage for all i care but for some reason kamal wasnt that good so who knows
  8. mobbed

    My First Hookah!

    hope it smokes better than it looks!
  9. mobbed

    Af Healthy Hose?

    theyre pretty bomb great for travel and cant beat the price
  10. mobbed

    Seeking Small Hookah

    this is where mya is the shit
  11. mobbed


    well if you push them off to the side thats less heat for the tobacco so theres the thin smoke and as for harshness its probably because theyve been sitting on one spot of the bowl for awhile and when you move them thats too much heat just move them more often and if that doesnt help just take the coals off for a minute to let the bowl cool a bit
  12. mobbed

    How Do You Smoke?

    i dont inhale zaghloul ughh
  13. mobbed

    Hookah Forum Hook-out

    plus one for iowa! hah