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  1. Dekon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Dj Plastician - Live podcast 10/03/08 Dubstep for life
  2. Dekon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Lupe Fiasco - Superstar Ft. Matthew Santos. This is from his new album Lupe Fiasco Presents : The Cool. Great album.
  3. Dekon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Sadly, DJ Khaled - We takin over
  4. Dekon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Havn't posted in forever :x. I recently got into a genre of techno called Dubstep. Listening to DJ Rekless live @ Rinse.fm ( You can check out what dubstep is at www.rinse.fm. If you have a sub and love bass heavy tunes, this is for you. SUB RECCOMENDED!).
  5. Dekon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Some old ice cube. Ice Cube - Amerikkkas Most Wanted. 30 seconds ago Now, Ice Cube - Get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here (Remix)
  6. Girlfriend : You should stop smoking so much hookah. Girlfriend : Takes a drag.
  7. Dekon

    Happy 2008

    I haven't smoked in over a month! Today will be the first day back on the hookah! Happy new year everyone! From Miami Florida.
  8. Well some how my nahkla strawberry is dry. It looks dried up and i was wondering what i could do about i t. Quick edit : I'm thinking about investing in a phunnel bowl (i don't smoke tangiers but do i really need to?) for my mya qt. Can anyone suggest me what to buy, because i can't seem to decide to get which one.
  9. Suprised no one has suggested the huge glue piece that comes in some hookahs. That might be causing the nasty aftertaste in the chic. To explain it tasting nasty it's probably just a bad batch of shisha. Try setting some other brands in your own bowl and smoke that, if it's a good smoke put your bowl on your moms and try smoking on that to see if it still has that aftertaste.
  10. Dekon

    Dry Shisha?

    2 month bump? Awesome..
  11. Dekon

    Set Until Summer

    AF cola tastes like a flat coke from one of those glass bottles. i would never get it after the last time i got it. Offtopic : I have a box of el nakhla margarita which could be agreat mixer with mint or something. Has anyone tried it? If so pm me or put your "review". .
  12. Dekon

    Member Of The Month?

    I was thinking the same thing! No one tell rayver about this, we need to keep it on the DL. Lol.
  13. I was expecting hoses with copper specks inside so when you inhale you inhale the copper, making it dangerous. But you could probably get a nammor which might be better than that o_o.
  14. Dekon

    My New Syrian!

    Isn't that the same one safesearch has? Now that i am looking at it isnt as pretty as i thought it was. grats on the new baby though. my next hookah is still in the works. I don't want something to big but i also want it to be brass. Anyone have any suggestions?
  15. Dekon

    Comcast And Torrents.

    If the internet becomes what they think "Should" be i will probably move to some other country that allows downloads of music, and movies, and probably other applications that i might want. This is becoming rediculous. First Oink gets raided by the uk police and blabber false information, demonoid shuts down due to the cria. I'm pretty sure torrents in the next year will be hard to come by because of all the regulation occuring on the internet.
  16. Dekon

    New Deal From H - S

    Okay seriously i think it's going to be like 100g sample pack of Pumpkin pie starbuzz. Like first 50 people who use the promocode starbuzz1 will recieve a 100g pack of it.
  17. Dekon

    Comcast And Torrents.

    Dude i thought i had it bad. My dad just started using torrents and i had to help him adjust his upload speeds because anything that goes past 10-20 kbps completely lags the net. My isp right now is bellsouth which has a huge problem with stability. The net would just go off for 2 minutes and come back up, i've tried restarting the router but it never works. I really hope you switch isp's even though comcast is pretty fast.
  18. QUOTE (chrisrbts @ Nov 15 2007, 06:27 PM) QUOTE (Dekon @ Nov 15 2007, 06:15 PM) I'm goin in right now. If anyone wants to chat . can you even connect? i can't even connect to www.hookahforumchat.com, the request just times out. I'm in right now with erica and mechant. We're talking about mechants eyelids bieng more entertaining than this chat. So empty . PS. Try spelling it out in your address bar.
  19. I'm goin in right now. If anyone wants to chat .
  20. Consider it both a sport and hobby. Sport wise : biggest hit, biggest O, etc. Hobby wise : always expanding your "Library", making things better, figuring out what goes where, tinkering with parts for better smoke, etc.
  21. Dekon

    There's A War Brewing...

    *Looks around canada* Ewwwwww Nakhla and Soex .
  22. Pretty sure it gets to about the coals temperature. Maybe a bit more. So i'm going to say close to 150-200 degrees F.
  23. Dekon

    Stupid ******* Rooomates!

    Or just throw their shit out and when they come home or something lock the door before they get home. They'll go crazy and you find new roommates.
  24. Dekon

    Dangerous Hoses

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Nov 14 2007, 10:08 PM) QUOTE (Dekon @ Nov 14 2007, 06:29 AM) I was expecting hoses with copper specks inside so when you inhale you inhale the copper, making it dangerous. But you could probably get a nammor which might be better than that o_o. Nah. The copper we get from copper water pipes is beneficial to our health, we need small amounts of copper as a nutrient...the amount from a hose or hookah...negligible. People have been using brass hookahs for hundreds of years...before steel was prevalent or cheap. People have been drinking water from copper pipes for a long time. Swallowing powdered copper...bad idea...poisonous. People use lead based materials for food containers and decorative products all the time, which is a lot more poisonous than copper (Although use of lead IS fading...). I'd say worry about something dangerous for you...like smoking. Bah i had a good sentence to counter your post but totally forgot. Thanks for telling me that copper isn't dangerous. Now what i meant to say was like mercury or something along the lines of that .
  25. Dekon

    Buy Or Not To Buy

    I got a white grape and watermelon sample. White grape tastes the same. Not sure about watermelon.