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  1. Table Idea, But With A Problem

    I will get pictures soon I promise, but heres what im thinking, even if i cant have it bubble up through exterior tubes, I want this to be THE hookah table, I am looking into both a built in coal lighter (maybe a counter sunk stove coil, maybe a butane lighter button) and a built in refrigeration unit to keep the water cold, with copper coils inside the water filled base. any ideas or comments? *edit for spelling, Im drinking gin and tonics here what do you want from me? at least I proof read...ha
  2. Table Idea, But With A Problem

    I guess not that important ha, but i thought it would look really cool! any alternative ideas? I would love for it to be really stylized and look like it was working, like be able to see it working somehow...
  3. Table Idea, But With A Problem

    Ya, I was thinking the same thing, do you think a 2 or 2.5 inch diameter is large enough? looks like I might have to do some experimenting here...
  4. So I have a kick ass round table I want to turn into a hookah table. I have made some hookahs before, and always made them come out well. Here is my problem: I want to have the "base" be a thick clear tube of either plexiglass or acrylic, and I want the tube to be sticking out of the table vertically, and have the hose plug into the top of that, so that the user can see the bubbles travel up the tube and maybe put some blue leds behind it too. So here is the issue, how do I make sure that this tube doesnt act like a straw and just suck up all the base water? I just want the smoke to bubble through and up to the hose, when I get a chance, I will attach pictures of the table and my drawing of my idea. thanks everyone!
  5. I just got some sb tangerine and it smelled awesome, so I was excited to try it out, but every time I smoke some, it either doesnt give off good smoke or it gets great clouds but tastes burnt, any tips on smoking it? Ive always had pretty good experiences with sb before, I know the flavor doesnt last long, but never anything like this before. I double foil (regular thickness) and dont go crazy with holes in the foil. 2 quicklights one tilted on the other like normal... if I go to one coal, the clouds suck. any help? thanks guys
  6. QUOTE (jfeldstein @ May 29 2008, 11:18 PM) QUOTE If you could have a hookah shaped like anything, What would it be? I'm thinking of building custom hookahs, so I don't mean "Made out of a goldshlagger bottle," but more like "A Statue of Liberty, where Lady Liberty is holding a bowl instead of a torch." I haven't quite figured out the details on that one, like, where do the hoses come out from? Under her dress? I also want a Brain shaped hookah for when I hold meetings of my Brain Trust to discuss important shit, like tonight's TBell plans. A Sears Tower, for when I travel. I can bring some Chicago with me. A Box. Simple, the box opens and half is storage for hose, tongs, coals and nargila, and the other side is the hookah itself. Needs enough room for a water bottle in the storage place. What would you guys like to see? If you're lucky, I'll make them as soon as I figure out how. of course it would come out of her right arm, and the bowl would fit on the torch! haha. I made a hookah out of a clear glass manikin head
  7. Science Hookah!

    its actually 10mm in diameter which means it will take 3/8 inch hose which is just about right no? or maybe i could drill it out to be bigger, its way easier to enlarge a hole then to start one in glass...
  8. Science Hookah!

    its like 22 bucks, so its all good. it holds 2 liters of water too so its plenty big enough
  9. Science Hookah!

    hey everyone, so I love science and love making nice clean glass based hookahs, but as you all know im sure, glass is a bitch to drill and seal, especially with the hose. I really dont like just drilling into the rubber stopper to put a hose in next to the stem, so I found a way to combine all my wants in a homemade hookah base. its a lab glassware flask with a hose attachment on the side (picture). and it comes with a rubber stopper for the top that i can drill a stem into. what do you guys think?
  10. www.smoking-hookah.com/Products/Hookah/Small-Hooka-hookahs.asp i tried to search around because I cant imagine this hasnt been talked about yet, but because it really has no name on the site other than "small hookah" its a bit hard to run a search on it here haha. anyway anyone seen/used this?
  11. Soy Sauce

    im acclimating 2 out of 3 right now. orange soda and marigold, the one still in the package is red tea
  12. Soy Sauce

    just "waft" it like im in high school chemistry hu? gotcha, any word on pulling out a smaller amount?
  13. haha i hear ya man. ok thanks for an answer
  14. I assume it only needs acclimation, but it smells like soy sauce, gross! I wanna get in a smoke before work in 3 hours, so im not sure if ill be able to wait haha. its outside right now in shallow bowls spread out. will it acclimate faster if i let just a bowls worth do it by itself separately?