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  1. Smoke Ring Thread!

    Here is my old video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1SoP8W7NnQ In the works on a new one featuring more difficult tricks but it isn't ready yet.
  2. How to pack AF in a small phunnel

    [quote name='ryno' timestamp='1291947677' post='490814'] [quote name='Voski' timestamp='1291944934' post='490810'] I was going to say the video is also on YouTube. Let me know if you have any questions. [/quote] You are still around here! [/quote] I still get emails when I get PMs. I come around every now and then but I am busy with school so I don't post as much. A lot seems to have changed though.
  3. How to pack AF in a small phunnel

    I was going to say the video is also on YouTube. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. I really didn't like shonzzberry
  5. Not trying to be a doucher but how do you know starbuzz is meant to be smoked out of an egyptian bowl? Why can't you smoke it out of a phunnel it shouldn't make a difference. From what I remember when I smoked starbuzz I had a better time out of a phunnel. Anyways nice writeup
  6. [quote name='pokerbay' date='18 April 2010 - 02:40 PM' timestamp='1271626856' post='464163'] Hi. I have read some reviews about Tangiers and how sometimes the flavour smokes very harshly. Well that is the problem i encountered with my first time smoking Tangiers. I let it acclimatize for 6 hours on foil while spreading it out a little. I know there is nothing wrong with my pipe because with Al Fakher it produces clouds and clouds of smoke. I dont think there was anything wrong with the way i packed it either because i was managing to get quite a bit of smoke from 2 coals and got a very strong buzz with my first two puffs! however it was very harsh. The flavour is in an air tight container, should i let it out again? Any suggestions would be helpful. [/quote] Try using less heat or try packing it again. One could say that you sort of need to get used to Tangiers.
  7. Ah, I hear you man, I hear you. Yup, still in Bbank, chillin, started a hookah website..so far so good.

  8. Yo I have just been super busy lately but I'm on spring break right now so it's pretty chill. What about you man are you still in burbank?

  9. Yo man! Where the hell have you been?! Lurking around or what? Haha

  10. I wasn't positive if it was you. It was by Pauley. Walking oMFosite directions.

  11. Ya I do lol you should have said whatsup. Where did you see me?

  12. yo narbe. do you go to UCLA? I swear i saw you today.

  13. Go bone someone else just forget about her. If your friend was really that close to you the wounds will heal over time don't worry about it right now.