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  1. NarghileNights

    20 Minute Coal?

    [quote name='indian_villager' timestamp='1290975823' post='489664'] The japanese coals will last you just a wee bit longer than what you are looking for. But they do get pricey. [/quote] This is what I do.. Two fumari's will last about 25 minutes, just long enough to keep smoke going the entire time. (weird that this is my first post in probably more than a year!)
  2. NarghileNights

    'bamanomics Strikes Again!

    huh? i just made a valid point about people most likely not getting anything out of it or putting dealerships in a weird financial situation. the only reason I posted was because I am very close to someone who works at a dealership and has been dealing with this issue since it started. and I get told I'm a parrot for a right wing show?
  3. NarghileNights

    'bamanomics Strikes Again!

    i'm very republican, but i don't feel like arguing about all that other fun stuff. i have a friend who works at a dealership who is participating in the program. they sat down and figured out the numbers: if you divide $1 billion by the number of car dealerships in the nation, you end up only having 12.. TWELVE deals per dealership. the dealerships around here haven't been taking cars in, instead they are putting people on a waitlist for when the money actually comes.. if ever. oh, and if you dont happen to be in the top 12 on the list? oh.. sorry, you're SOL.
  4. damn.. you guys need to come to Cololorado. We have Hookah House in boulder and of course Narghile Nights in fort collins. Out of all of the lounges I have been to, Hookah House is the only lounge I'm okay with smoking at other than the Narg. I'm sorry you have shitty owners.. tell them about HF!
  5. NarghileNights

    Röka Hose Review

    remember, these hoses are/can be completely custom. you want a long handle? can be done. need a slightly smaller hose port area? can be done. thank you guys for bringing these problems to our attention! at least they are solvable oh.. and this tubing took us a while to find. it was the best mix between multiple factors that we could find. luckily it's totally plastic and will never unravel on you!
  6. NarghileNights

    Röka Hoses Pass It On

    glad you guys all like them so far! post up your pics and links to videos in this thread so that I/other people can find them! cleaning wise, I would suggest hot water, and if you are trying to get a taste out, hit it with some lemon juice too. I will ask Mr. MW (the creator) what he thinks. Thanks again guys, I wanna see some pics and reviews! late
  7. NarghileNights

    Just Ordered "the Blade"

    reason for needing 2 hoses so badly?
  8. NarghileNights

    Röka Hoses Pass It On

    you guys get them? Let me know how they survived the shipping.. packed them like that on purpose
  9. QUOTE (FamiliarJoe @ Jun 24 2009, 09:18 AM) 1. If you get the chance to smoke with Mushrat, Sonthert, or Hookah John in person your a very privileged individual. 2. If you get OG Tangiers smoking right it is a good sign you are on your way to being a hookah guru. 3. Coco's rock, not so much for Tangiers. 4. QL's should only be used if it's a last resort. 5. There are a lot of good Tobacco's, even if the majority only favors one. You personally need to try them all to make your own opinion. hey, i've done that :-P this is really cool.. though I couldn't think of anything that hasn't already been said.
  10. QUOTE (freeOS @ Jun 8 2009, 09:52 AM) QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jun 8 2009, 08:33 AM) what the... is that aluminum foil inside your puck? Yes. Theory behind it exists in this page: http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=27823 (It seemed to work very well, btw. (Flavor, smoke, and economy-wise) ok... you totally mis-interpreted that post. the ring that I see in your bowl is even with the edges. the ring in the other post is far above the edges. the reason why you would do that is so that the shisha doesn't end up looking like its had coals pushed down into it. It also heats the bowl less, so you dont create a shisha puck. it is creating even more of a vaporization effect by having the heat source above the shisha with heat being sucked down into it. Though, thinking about it, i am not even sure how you did that. There must have been wayyy too many coals on there. I have never seen a bowl come out of a hookah from the lounge looking like that. Maybe work on your heat management?
  11. NarghileNights

    Thinking Of A New Hookah

    get a chic.. not ugly as hell like the bambino and QT.. and actually purges unlike the bambino. http://www.southsmoke.com/pd_the_chic_mya.cfm that's my favorite little hookah.
  12. NarghileNights

    Lunch With Narghile Nights

    haha.. oh the spaghetti tangiers guide has been brought *back* to life.. oh boy..
  13. NarghileNights

    Röka Hoses Pass It On

  14. NarghileNights

    Röka Hoses Pass It On

    lol.. we are still figuring out the styles to send out. though - they will all flow the same as any of our other hoses, the only difference may be appearance.